Logarusic’s actions clearly define how transfer’s need to be done

Having previously written about ambition during the transfer window and how titles are won and lost during this time; I want to now throw around some thoughts on what I think is the start of a revolution of how transfers are/will be done in the Kenyan football scene in the future basing my arguments around some of the latest happenings in the Tusker Premier League.
Of course most of us have made jokes about it- some of us in a bid to crack a few ribs while others for what I would call ‘sheer fanatism’- just to enjoy the moment. You can hold your breath; it will be here in a moment.
Having burst into the scene just a few months ago- I suppose it’s not a year yet. Zdravko Logarusic has probably opened our eyes to something most coaches in this side of the Sahara would probably dare not do.
His arrival back in the country after a good rest over Christmas and the New Year period might not have got the attention it deserved. For someone who for some time after the 2012 season ended had everyone guessing his next move- a lot of hype would have been expected as he jetted back into the country. Well- give it up to the man who for one reason or the other; maybe even never knew- Giovanni Rodrigues came into the picture. With all due respect- he’s Brazilian (don’t laugh about this), some eye candy for the ladies and what else; he probably adds a little attention to the club.
Some might argue Logarusic got scared of the attention this guy got on the first day- but again; attention is only good when it’s for the right reasons and for Logarusic the right reasons is nothing less than a good performance on the pitch.
Another version would be that he (Logarusic) is arrogant and just doesn’t want to imagine another perceived ‘ego’ in his dressing room. Well- think of it; Kim Weston once said ‘’as an artist you have to have a certain amount of arrogance’’
Artist in this case – Logarusic. He’s brought success to this side in a short while, bringing back the pride of the club; every Gor Mahia fan can now walk up anywhere in this city and kiss the badge without really having to answer so many questions but enjoy the delight of seeing so many faces just like the colour of the jersey- go green with envy.
But now to the fact book- the book not most coaches in this region would rather read from but close and throw into the pit of assumption. Good performance and hard work overrides all interests in the game of football. Interests vary from one coach to another- for some it’s about impressing the management by fielding a certain player- for others it’s about fielding a player because he’s a symbol of the club- for others it’s maybe even to please the fans. Well- they may work in the favour of the coach and management- some records might be broken here and there, but for the long term aspirations and objectives of a footballing unit- it’s the start of an ever ending case of trouble and constant case of conflicting interests.
So just as some corners of the footballing community in this country would love to scream at the coach for dropping someone who would have been a ‘good marketing tool’ and source of pride; one thing shouldn’t be forgotten – The greatest pride is achieved when the ball hits the opponent’s net more number of times than it does get past your goalkeeper.
When I was a kid- I usually arrived at the dinner table late. Most at times it was a matter of hitting the showers late as a result of playing football into the night or the little gadget my father bought me called the ‘brick game’ that took away my attention away from the smell of the food downstairs.
My mummy cruel as she was never bothered most of the times. She had her own business to deal with- so when I finally arrived at the table; it was either a case of guys leaving or everyone catching up with the programme of the day, in short everyone was too engrossed- nobody bothered.
My mum in her ‘sarcasm’ would then shout- were you waiting for the whistle?
Well- that’s the question to all other TPL clubs/coaches/management, are you waiting for the whistle? Clearly some guys are not good enough for this league but because of one interest or the other (brick game and the evening football) the coaches/management have- they cannot be at the table (compete) in time for dinner (The TPL).
(NOTE; Giovanni Rodrigues is a Brazilian professional footballer who was dropped by GorMahia’s coach Zdravko Logarusic during the 2013 pre-season. Amongst the reasons given for his dropping include fitness levels and allegedly feeling homesick Many would perceive though that he could have made the squad- were it another coach and not Logarusic)

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  1. good composition right there, this line ‘When I was a kid- I usually arrived at the dinner table late’ is so familiar.

    i’m not anonymous i’m @cris_otieno_

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