Early Morning today, a letter believed to be from the Captain was picked at Wenger’s dustbin something we later learnt was to be private, Not necessarily true but check it out

Hello Sir,
Hope all is well. I really don’t know what came over my mind to write you this letter even though we met at the Car Park the night of the game and exchanged the normal pleasantries without bringing to your attention a few issues. Blame it on the mood maybe, loosing is always painful and especially when it has to be against Manchester. My son cried the whole night and this disturbs me, he says I’m the captain and couldn’t help do anything, for the sake of Shaqueel please read the contents of this letter carefully. 
Since my move from Feyenoord in the summer of 2004, I knew I was meant for greatness at the club. I looked at you, Mr David Dein, Thierry amongst many others as my role models, a role you’ve played perfectly so far even though Dein moved on and Henry moved but now here with us on a short loan. I won my first and only trophy at the club on the bench as a young boy, a sight I still behold to date, my heroes played on the pitch and I went forward to pick a medal on their account, since then I’ve been a runner up twice, forget the Emirates cup I haven’t never really seemed to like.
Coach, I might be asking for too much but my conscience is clear and my relationship with you should not be questioned by any means. Van Der Vaat, the other day called on my family as he drove home from their training session and asked me if I could move the short distance to Tottenham. Earlier in last season’s summer before Tottenham signed him up, told you to get my friend to Emirates but you gave me a thousand and one reasons why he shouldn’t don our jersey. Now look at how he scores, even against us. 
There is this day you called me in the night, I was tired after the long journey from Spain but you insisted you had good news. Do you remember? Ricky Alvarez, yes you now remember, didn’t you tell me you had signed him? I then knew, Fabregas and Nasri could stay but to my amazement, I only watch him on T.V at Inter. That is just one case in question, Xabi Alonso, Chris Smalling, The twins Rafael and Fabio, Chris Samba, Podolski amongst many more are just some of the players you have been linked with but never set foot on London Colney. Should you have signed at least three players maybe we would have never found ourselves in this position and the fans would be so satisfied that you tried.
I’m now left between a rock and a hard place. I so love London, I love the weather, my family loves it, Shaqueel is enjoying training and my team mates love it too. But Sir, there is again what I like, trophies. I wish I could buy them and keep them in my house but that’s not the game of football, you have to win them. My contract expires in a few months time; I’m torn in between my loyalty to the club and my ambition.  7 years of wasted labour should now surely be rewarded. My head seems to suggest it’s now my time to move on, this might look so selfish but in life you realize that at times only the selfish get the accolades the world of football has to offer. On the other hand Boss, my heart belongs here, at your feet, as your trusted friend, I would remain here if you just could add a few big names and get me perhaps a better contract. This way we would win trophies and I would preserve my Captaincy too. 
The pressure might be too much for you to handle at the moment, every Arsenal supporter seems to be losing faith in you. The press is so hard on you and even though I had to deny reports I was astonished and dejected at you subbing Ox at a time we could go on and win the game, I surely was annoyed. You always know what you are doing but on that evening, London was left wondering what on earth happened, Ox was full of vigour and the game was swaying our way till you brought that Russian. Wish you even brought Miyiaichi on instead, he has proved his worth but you still keep him on the bench. I hope you now understand why nobody talked to you in the dressing room that evening, everyone was mad at you, Ox pretended he wasn’t but trust me, I’m his greatest confidant, he did question your tactical superiority that day.
You probably would question why I never mailed you this letter; the rules of the club just don’t allow me to. I wrote it down on paper so that you are the only one who gets a copy of it and it doesn’t remain in the Arsenal servers. The press out there looks for every opportunity to knock you off your position and I won’t allow this to happen. I couldn’t write everything on paper but if selling Diaby, Arshavin, Ramsey, Djorou, Chamakh, Bendtner, Squillaci, Almunia could happen, please sell them, the club will suffer and you would loose your job too in a disgraceful manner should we not play the CL next season.
My sincere apologies should I may have looked disrespectful in any way but a man is judged on his actions when under pressure. Congratulations I heard in the corridors you were bringing Harzard finally, please just get one more CB and Podolski, that would do me good. 
Pass my regards to Annie and Lea, tell them Bouchra and the kid miss them, maybe we could meet over supper sometime next week, that would be good for the kids. Not much left to say, see you at the training ground later.
Good Day

 Check out for Wenger’s reply in a few days, it will be hard to find it but our team will work round the clock to get it to you.

  1. I will only believe this once I see a scanned copy of the letter, signed by Van Persie. I doubt he’d write letters to his boss to express these feelings. He strikes me as the type that would talk to Wenger man to man.

  2. this is a fake….. van persie would never refer to arshavin as “that russian” and he has more than a year left on his contract not a few months… FAIL!!!!

  3. Two blatant problems are the name at the bottom, “He refers to himself as Van Persie, not Persie”, and the somewhat distasteful reference to Arshavin as “that Russian”. Also the concluding paragraphs highlight a loss of professionalism and seem to be the ramblings of an ignorant fan.

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