It sends chills down the spine, quivers round the body and even sometimes, a joyful tear. It is the Champions League anthem, an ode befitting the most prestigious club competition in the world.

As such, that anthem rang again. Only this time, it was not for the initiating of the game, but for the realisation of the penultimate draw. Already, it has been heard on eight match days, and in various stadiums across Europe. This time, it was heard in the living rooms of many, the radios of some, the laptops and PC’s of others. Such is the importance of the draw that everyone was tuned in.

And for those who were not, a furious refreshing of online pages was underway. The need to know which ball was picked out of the pot, which pairings would emerge, was enough.

So, when this important draw was over, the actors were known. The quarter finals were now a reality on paper. Four fixtures pitting the remaining eight teams in Europe’s elite competition. And before the ball starts rolling, the banter was already underway.

That gave us reason, once more, to get together a group of football loving Kenyan bloggers and twitterati. We asked for their thoughts, they kindly obliged. Each game was analysed, re-analysed, counter analysed and probably over-analysed. Then, from the sanity that remained, they got their fingers typing what their brains had cracked.

Here, they are…

PSG V Barcelona : Money meets Historyby John Aggrey

Bayern Munich v Juventus : Clash of the European Titans– by Fabian Odhiambo

Malaga v Borussia Dortmund : The Rising Stars of European Footballby Fridah Kariuki

Real Madrid v Galatasaray: Turkish Delightby Joyce Mukami

*** If you have not yet clicked on Part I and Part II so as to be able to read the previews, what are you still waiting for? ***
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Meanwhile, here is a brief promo featuring the 8 teams that will take part in this season’s Champions League Quarter finals. Enjoy

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