Kenyan Football; The shame in being unwilling to learn

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls; never in my life have I ever had great hopes for a footballing year like this year; 2013. The year might just be in its first week but the action already building up is immense.
It won’t be right for me not to thank God sincerely for a new year but for something new; have you noticed it? Well, it’s now no longer but And with a whole load of expectation you can be sure; just like last year- this year will only get better.
But now onto something that isn’t getting better; not by the night but even in broad day light- Supporting the Kenyan game is first turning into a cancerous activity. I doubt whether it’s only me who’s feeling awful after the CHAN return leg performance against Burundi but overrally; we have over time planned to fail by failing to plan properly.

                            The national team lining up against Burundi on 06/01/13

It’s not just a story of the number of National team coaches we have had in less than 12 months or even the sight of the current national team coach in a training kit number 17 shouting his commands at the touchline that strikes the eye; it’s the face of impunity, loads of corrupt deals made in the boardrooms, cancellation of tournaments that could have helped grow the game, constant power struggles and even just sheer ignorance from the guys at the top.
I’m not going to speak about the match tickets; you must by now have known whether you had a fake one or not. You must by now have known why you buy a VIP ticket but can’t be allowed to sit at the VIP stand because of ‘protocol’. You must by now have known why the Association Chairman has a group of rowdy youths all around him as he enters the stadium. You must by now have known why you buy match tickets but still have to pay for car pack at the stadium.
Well, it’s now no secret Kenya will have to wait till 2015 to participate in any international tournament save CECAFA. I am not speaking of the World Cup- with the performance we have displayed over time on and off the pitch, I’m afraid Nigeria and the other countries might be picking three points from their Nairobi trips and we as always- watch the tournament on TV and fight over the remote like mad mongrels as we scream at an African who’s missed a penalty.
Really? Are we that bad? Are we?
Watching the Kenya Premier League each match day is a wonder. For someone who has followed the game for a while; we have grown so rapidly and more and more people are now appreciating the game. Though KPL has its shortfalls here and there; it’s miles ahead of FKF.
Most national teams that perform are closely backed by a sound league management and organisation. The coaches at the head of the National team more than often are closely working with the club coaches. Add the above factors to a sound Federation management and proper structures- a country’s pride is restored, good FIFA rankings and overally an improvement in the game.
So then for how long are we going to have officials ruin our happiness? For how long are we going to pretend everything is fine and that it’s the media that is soiling the federations name? Talent exists in this country; structures don’t. Good coaches need not be looked for from outside the country and paid millions; good coaches exist amongst this crop of coaches. Good administration is not going to come from the courts or drop down from heaven like manna; our attitudes, our leadership styles, have to change. Does a little organisation and accountability cost that much? When the common footballer cries for his allowance, when the rankings of a country are literally falling under your stewardship, when a kid somewhere is denied an opportunity to play in a development tourney; what do you gain?
2015 is two years away; this crop of players sown together can make the whole world amazed; but again this group of players, denied the development chance and proper guidance can make the whole country ashamed.
And so as someone once said – Being ignorant is no shame but being unwilling to learn and change is the greatest shame. 
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