Kenya@50- Football must now redefine its position

A jubilee is a great landmark achievement for every country- Kenya is lucky this time to be celebrating this. A once in a life time experience, I’m sorry; Kenya shall never be 50 again. Looking back at the last 50, football has so much to celebrate, so much to remember- the good the bad, but has the game ever had a position in the society?


Kenyan Football has always been used as an example of the ‘repeated case of poor governance’, unutilised potential and even worse to it- a spectator of the world and a horrible doer of what’s right.

It’s a shame though the elements still exist with us even as Kenya crosses over to its 50th year but the positives too need to be applauded. A much better league, a little flicker of hope (players now able to play overseas) and even the greatest of all in my view (if implemented)- the sports act.

The years have to roll very fast, the wheels of growth got to turn even faster and the acceleration of our commitment to this must be fastest now more than ever. From weeding out a crop of horrible football leaders (who by the way are never letting go easily) to demanding that each and every single rule gets followed to the latter; the collective spirit of ‘harambee’ must be perfectly interpreted in this moment.

Kenyans are never suckers for growth neither are they spectators of change- they like to be part of it. It’s a shame though over the last 50 years or so, with limited avenues to express themselves, football has plunged into the worst of depths, footballers with no voice to express themselves.

While Kenya’s position in world football has been that of spectator more than participator- it’s time we spoke out! Change has never come in the easiest of ways- not by clinging onto our comfort zones and hoping someone else does it- NO! Change and respect for the game will only come when we stand up to what’s true, the ideals of the game and say NO to every single person who wants to manipulate, exploit and misgovern our game.

By redefining our stand and our reason for the love of the game- we shall send a strong signal to the world, to the sports body and to the administrators- football has come of age. By redefining our stand we shall be ready not to allow our young boys and girls be exploited by administrators, playing Mickey Mouse tournaments (dressed up in Kelme tops and ADIDAS Shorts) all in the name of honouring federation agreements. By redefining our stand, we shall be allowing the right people run our game, the right people sit on boards and the right people lead out the national team.

If not then- the next 50 years shall not be any different from the past. Amidst all the change in the world, all the growth- Kenya shall be proud of a 100+ position rather than fight for a World Cup spot. Football shall still be viewed as a tool of venturing into politics (don’t forget the politicians cameo appearances during derbies) while crushing the heads of absolutely patriotic players who’ve got nothing but just their skill and a ball.

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