Just if you thought the Chelsea aggregate win was a fluke…..

Those who read my blog yesterday before the Barca Chelsea game must have thought I was another case of a misguided football pundit. My firm belief that Chelsea would pull a surprise and appear at the Champions League final in May at Barca’s expense was for sure not a one off. Having in mind that Busquets earlier in the first leg regarded the result unjust, I’m yet to get his sentiments on this.
But his comments or not, Chelsea for sure deserved to be in the final. The final belongs to the brave and without even blinking a second, Chelsea were the braver of the two. Forget Terry, this man is quickly turning into a disgrace and the faster Chelsea do away with him or appoint him youth team manager, the better. Blatantly knocking Sanchez off the ball and even though Sanchez seemed to fall ridiculously, the referee had no option. Fair card and the conspiracy theorists sure should not have a case up to that point.
Sorry, it’s not a repeat of yesterday’s article but either way, Mourinho seems to have given the whole world a blue print of how to beat Barcelona. Finally more and more people are embracing the idea of ‘negative’ football and even though it’s always a risky option, Boy, won’t you agree, it’s worth the risk?
Defending, Parking the bus, Building a wall, whatever you call it, Chelsea did this in a crisp perfect manner and even though were caught twice,,, sorry, thrice (Messi wasting the penalty) they too did their offensive work in perfection.
The arrival of Dani Alves, injury to Cahill and further the Terry Red threatened to de stabilise the Blue side of London but credit to them, they held on, scored two brilliant goals and at the end of the day, the ‘best’ team lost. Somewhere in Madrid, wishing he could run across the Camp Nou again, Mourinho made a toast, the person who beats your enemy automatically becomes your friend? Right?
The sending off
This might be another weird one. That sending off marked the beginning of Chelsea’s resolve to make sure they proceeded to the final no matter what. Whatever Fabregas and Puyol came to say when Terry was sent off, I don’t know.
Gladly handing the arm band to Frank Lampard, Terry walked down the Camp Nou tunnel, face bowed in shame, the screams of around the 90,000 plus capacity stadium could make him think the ground would swallow him but the resolve of the team he left behind on the pitch was insurmountable, greater than ever and even more to that, the winning spirit was in the white jersey’s Barcelona so dread.
Fabregas Dive, Messi Penalty
22ndJanuary 2011, Emirates Stadium, Wigan defender Gary Caldwell tackles the then Arsenal captain, how Fabregas goes to the floor fools the referee, the Red Card is given, a penalty too, Rvp buries it and game on Arsenal.
Wigan boss, in his own words: ‘’That action in Spain gets a “well done” from everyone. In England, they won’t be too happy with it because it is a completely different approach to the game.’’
Need i say more? Not really.
I have always respected Fabregas for the player he is, already won trophies at Barcelona when even Arsenal have not won one since he left, that was a disgrace. Put Messi in a very awkward position, scoring against Chelsea? No. Seems he will never.
Barcelona pressure, Offside call, Torres Goal
The screw was now being turned. The score line was pretty in Chelsea’s favour having the away goal but seems any ball falling on Iniesta’s boots would cause pandemonium right there.
Just as in 2010 when Inter were holding on, the goal that could have finally sent Barcelona through was called back for offside. Pep was frustrated, Chelsea still believed but you knew anytime now, Barcelona was bound to score.
And it’s at this point that Bendtner bit his tongue chewing gum. At the very end when Barcelona are attacking with the very last man. Torres finally pays his bills. £50M is no joke, Abramovich knows this too well. Rounding the keeper, staring at an empty net,,,, hehehe De Gea ,,, don’t be mad please..
Scores. Game over Barcelona, game over Chelsea. Di Matteo runs the wrong way; Mourinho knows where to run to…
So what more do you want? Tell me.
Barcelona is brought back down to earth. The Champions League curse continues. Di Matteo right now is making himself so hard to sack. Whether he wins the final or not, he should care the least, Chelsea got their revenge. Messi and Co can’t and won’t believe they are out on the other hand, Drogba and Co too can’t believe they are still in.  
And that’s the Champions League, a few tears, a few smiles and a few shocks.
Can’t agree any further with the two coaches
Pep Guardiola
‘’Maybe this is a lesson I should learn, that we should hold back and not be so offensive.”
Roberto Di-Matteo
“We had a little bit of luck as well, which you need but I think to win the trophy, you need that.”
 Do you think it was a fluke? Or let me rephrace it, make it sound nicer…. Do you think Barcelona deservedly drew?
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