Is Ferguson seeing something most of us aint seeing?

In similar fashion, Yaya Toure seemingly ended United’s dream of a 20th title just as he did last season in the F.A cup semi-final but not for one man, Sir Alex himself. How this man believes he’s gonna win this title is best described in these few words; 
“You’ve got to keep believing, that’s what we do. We’re professionals and we want to win things. We’ve still got a chance of winning the league, we can’t look past that, so we’ll have a good week’s training this week and keep believing.”
And this…
“I want to thank the directors for supporting us the way they do and hopefully next week we will have the biggest celebration of our lives,”
Somebody tell me, what does this guy so believe in? He’s been here before, he knows how it’s done but right now he’s facing the test of his time, his ‘god’ if he surely has one, must come to the party right now. Fergie needs you. 
I still somehow feel this is Fergie’s London home. He having played here in the 50’s scoring 15 goals in the process still has a soft spot for this team. Further ahead, Mark Hughes the QPR coach is a former Fergie student and with all due respect, a good student in my eyes. 
So finally it’s Fergie’s turn to seek for favours? Remember when QPR chairman complained about Ashley Young and his diving skills. Goodness me, this will be a good one to watch. 
QPR need a point badly, City need the title badly.  A draw would be a good thing for them but could also be good for City only if United and Sunderland draw too. 
So where does this lead me next?
Fergie’s dumping site by all standards. This seems to be his other home. How many times have people complained that Sunderland opens up so easily when playing United? How many Ex Man U players now run around that Sunderland backline?
From Fraizer Campbell to O’shea to Wes Brown just to mention but a few, the Red Devil’s DNA is somehow embedded in this teams style of play. I know some would like to mention O Neil when I talk about the style of football, but let’s face it, Scotland meets Scotland. 
Fore gone conclusion even in Fergusons eyes, he seemingly has won this match. What worries him most is QPR and Manchester City.  But forget not, Wayne Bridge is on loan from City,,,,,,he would be happy to watch City lift the title,,but eer,, at the same time he won’t be sad punishing City for keeping him out on loan…
So what’s Fergie seeing which you and me might not be seeing?
I don’t know how many packets of gum is needed for this one but trust me you, the company that delivers these gums, are smiling all the way to the bank. Nervy is the right word to use now. 
The Sunderland loss is a foregone conclusion, City need to marshal their troops and calm their nerves down. Winning the title is for the tough hearted. Fergie is tough hearted, Mancini kind of looks shaky … however the onus is on him to prove me wrong. 
Fergie looks at a situation where QPR (his team) survives relegation and still stays at the top; Hughes keeps his job, punishes his eternal enemies for sacking him and worse to it all, and hands the title to United on match day 38. or,,is it 39?
Are you too seeing this? Or…let me be nice,,,is anyone expecting Mancini and Nasri to lift the title,,, Finally I speak for myself, i won’t mind watching JoeyBarton07 go down,,on the other hand Taarabt should seek solace elsewhere,,,probably some Shisha would do.
Did i mince my words? 
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  1. Well thought upon, although I still think in this day and age Managers would not be willing to do any favours for each other. While I agree on the. Sunderland bit and surely QPR will fight hard to get a win, but maybe they’ll do it for just that,a win.The fact that it would help Fergie and ManUtd in the process would only add to the joy of winning, if at all they succeed in doing so.

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