INGWE FAN FEST 2013- Celebrating A Club, Celebrating Football

I can’t really remember the last time I had a proper run of my life or a kick-around but when an opportunity comes, I always grab it with both hands. It must be incredible to note first the amount of energy and excitement the INGWE family always bring to the Kenya Premier League stands when their team is in action- so when i got an invite to their fan day, whom am i- i was always gonna join the party.


16th of Jun, probably the last weekend before the second leg of the Premier League resumes, in a bid to shake off and just let it loose- The annual INGWE FAN FEST went down at the Railways grounds in Nairobi. (Saddening for the fans- the players didn’t make it, preparing for the second leg of the season and holed up in Mumias)
Lots of games & fun for everyone on offer- a chance to hang out with the legends, fellow fans, club administrators, sponsors and even a few renowned coaches who graced the event. With so much going around, attending every event wasn’t a guarantee but I tried and did watch as much as I could- had a kick around with some kids and even had a chance to pose with the legends.
I’m not really sure how it feels for those lovely souls who took it to the pitch to sweat it out, get all dirty, at times get hurt- lots of emotions in the air for the losers, bitter as it tastes- it’s the name of the game.
A big crowd of fans can prove hard to control at times but for this group of people- I thought the organisers did a pretty decent job. With one central ‘score center’ every single result was verified and the aggregate tallied to find the winner.
For the political folk- the end never disappointed though I thought it wasn’t the right forum for some talk. The hand out’s probably my lowest point of the event- but as the saying goes- once a politician, always a politician. Maybe the organisers will try and ask the politicians to minimize the political noise next time such an event is organised. Understandably though- AFC Leopards go to an election in a few days’ time- policies here and there, those asking for votes. Other’s loud, actually across the PA while others letting their ground men do the work for them.
At the end of it all- the winner of all winners had to be awarded. With so many events the final list of winners appeared as follows (adapted from
Newspaper Race- Gladys J (Kawangware Branch)
Musical Chairs- Jane W (Mary Happy)
Backward Race- Caroline A (Loresho)
100 m – Sheillah K. (Mary Hill)
Football Female – Mary Happy
Football Male – Loresho
3 legged Race – Technical University
Drinking in Pail – Kawangware
Tag of War – Kawangware
Egg Race – Souline A. (Mary Happy)
Scavenger Hunt – Kazungu (FB Branch)
Special Mention
Simiyu (Nakuru Branch)
Team Rankings
Mary Happy- 30
Loresho- 28
Kawangware- 25
Facebook Branch- 24
BuruBuru- Withdrew
You the reader would of course expect Mary Happy to walk away with the trophy for the best branch and best Female football side but that wasn’t it as the trophies were meant for Leopard Branches and not invited sides. Hoping something will be done about the invited teams next time- I now leave you with a gallery of images from the MUMIAS SPRINKLE INGWE FAN FEST perfectly depicted the mood of the day.



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