Information and governance. The matters of a second leg kick off and an AGM

It’s all fallacy, it matters for some- for others, it’s just a psychological advantage gained over an opponent. On the pitch, the brevity of football and the anxiety of a mystery score-line magnifies the drama. The mastery of the psychological anxieties of the same can be used as instruments of government- the venue of the FKF AGM today should help reveal that.

Why does the blog begin in such a manner today?

The KPL second leg shall begin today. Mathare and Tusker FC start a quest, peculiar to the ambitions of each side versus Ulinzi and Nakuru All Stars respectively. Kasarani Stadium stands out as the stomping ground; it’s been used rarely this year for KPL games, a huge chunk of FKFPL games having graced it during the first leg.

The clubs never see it as an issue and rightfully so- the state of venues for games to be played is a reality no one can run from. No club can lay claim to a ‘home’, forget the few adoptions, they have been thrown out of the window severally for various reasons.

Don’t try counting the occasions, they are various and spread closely over each other, however, a communication of each the same is always put out there for everyone. This has always provided psychological security of every interested person ending up at the same place at the same time for a match.

If information provides security, then I’m afraid, its absence opens a window of doubts, fear and panic.

The same panic, fear and doubt the league has shielded its teams and fans from by announcing a venue on time, has been taken away from delegates of Kenya’s top organ of management, the FKF.  Delegates who are set to attend an AGM today in Kisii- and yes, just that- Kisii County.

The Daily Nation, in its report this morning, indicates the secrecy of the venue and being described by same delegates as tactically ‘Kangaroo’ by the secretariat.

Isn’t it amazing however that in view of the agenda(s) to be discussed today- the federation has resorted to hold a meeting in the president’s backyard? That shouldn’t in any case raise eyebrows, but the secrecy of the venue, rubberstamps the fear of every football stakeholder.

Claims of intimidation by the federation have further gained validity in recent times, just like in football; players are usually enclosed in a small universe that tends to magnify even the mundane issues. They (like footballers) are also incapable of expressing their identity especially if they do not feel that they are not integrated into the bigger picture, which in reality, they are not.

Today shall mark the start of parallel entities of football, entities that are inter-related and greatly rely on each other for growth. The politics that threatened the kick off of the first leg shall silently kick off the second leg, this time however- the league shall go on, but for how long before we have another problem?

Hopefully we don’t, Have a great start to the second league and less drama on the AGM Day, Cheers!!!

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