In the Kenyan FA, Bobby Williamson has the most undeserving boss

You sometimes want to look at the past and thank heavens concession of failure and embarrassment didn’t kill us, but then you think of the future- vacuous. Perhaps that would best describe the state of Kenyan Football right now.

Bobby Williamson in this image as Uganda Coach, (image Courtesy sportsmaniaug)

Bobby Williamson in this image as Uganda Coach, (image Courtesy sportsmaniaug)

Nevertheless, the man charged with revealing the blank happens to be Bobby Williamson, a modest Scot, who paints a picture of a football loving European, who until his appointment knew Kenyan drama from a much different angle- Club Football.

Not that National Team football is something he is new to. Especially having managed the Cranes of Uganda, the difference here is- he comes at a time, the more he has to do, has no viable starting point.

In more serious terms, Bobby Williamson is the Kenyan FA newest mistress. Pursued and charmed from a beautiful/not so beautiful (depends on your judgement) club job to the murky waters of being the human shield of a not-so promising Federation.

As the long list of mistresses this federation has received in the utmost few years, Bobby must save improving his appearance by winning, or his value as an adjunct to the real boss lurking in the VIP Stands, high above the pitch becomes nothing.

The hope of every Kenyan Football fan, therefore, should be that, at this time, Bobby is well aware of the irregular partnership he has entered. He will not be showered with wealth and given every aspect of the footballing world at his disposal, but for all the deficiencies- delivery is the only option.

In this regard, however, he doesn’t have to worry- delivery isn’t measured in many options, perhaps explaining why he was the easiest route into a managerial mess.

Delivery is measured here in modest proportions (CECAFA, FIFA Rankings, Friendly wins), that- spread over two years Kenya shall not be playing some highly competitive football, should be plenty.

Many have lost their appeal and therefore lost their worth. Subsequently, they have been disposed of in ways that align themselves with an in humanitarian version of the Scottish tradition. Mr Sweet Old Bobby surely wouldn’t want another taste of this cherry.

Few have enjoyed a short-lived success and even less rare praise from East Africa’s biggest football oligarch. But we as fans have experienced all the good, the bad and the ugly that this FA has brought to our country.

Doesn’t have to be very pronounced, but the reality that Bobby and his team faces is that for every small deed- the level of magnification by this federation shall be there (like in a play station game) life. When the ‘lives end- it more than often marks the end of a career on the Technical Bench- but what sets in after that is what should scare not just him but Musa Otieno and Mulama.

See, the Harambee Stars job is not one for the coach and his technical bench to take any pride in- Never.

It partly is a means to establish a profile of someone higher and avoid consideration of the long terms of failure Kenyan Football has been through- with the delusive hope that without a proper mechanism and construction, like magic, the National Team can produce outstanding success.

Four coaches in less than two years is not a sign of an uncompromising demand for success; it is a psychological delinquency. These professionals, with years of intimate knowledge of directing formations, in their being unable to accommodate adequately “Having player X over player Y” are put up for sacrifice and risk the tag ‘incompetent.’

It’s too soon after the disgusting evening of a Lesotho failure for the majority of soccer fanatics in this country alongside its management to forget like warthogs, the buck stops with the management and that Bobby’s appointment makes zero sense.

The need for longevity, structure, and an organized system has long been derailed by an egotistical quest that has seem to become more a reflection of FKF, it’s chairman rather than football as a whole.

When the eulogy of a failed federation is finally read, one glittering name that never deserved to be part of it, shall be read out loud- that name is Bobby Williamson.

Yes, he deserves better, but for his agreement to deal with a fan base and management that forgets too easily, yet demand so much- he now has to deal/live with it.

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