If i could rewind 2012, Chelsea would still be Champions, because now i know destiny is real

There is no other word I can find best to use when refereeing to Chelsea. You can call them lucky, opportunistic or whatever you want but let’s face it, it was written all over heaven, 19/05 was gonna be their day.  
The unlikeliest of sources brought the cup Abramovich badly needed throughout the years. I’m not trying to say Di Matteo is not a good coach, but credit to him. He’s proved so many of us ‘football writers’ wrong not just once but repeatedly.
‘Be careful for what you wish for’ would be the best words I would use right now in advising every Tom, Dick and Harry who’s against Abramovich dropping Di Matteo for another coach.
The Italian is a legend right now no doubt. Drogba, Lampard and Co. are legends right now but with all due respect the greatest of them all should be Abramovich. He’s been brave with this club. He’s been the vision for this club. He set his standards high enough and whenever he fell, he not only fell slightly below his target (2008 final) but came back even stronger the next season with those high wages and player transfers.
It’s funnier though that this time round, it was again to be decided on penalties. The villain somehow had not made it through to sweat his body off for this one yet others did it for him and he just came to pick the trophy.
What if he (Terry) was up here again to take his spot on the Munich arena and miss? What if he was to cause the blunder of the night at minute 92 and gift Bayern the trophy? Heavens knows. Someone far above, someone we can’t see already had this in record. Chelsea was gonna be Champions in the season very few people expected nothing from them.
At this moment I’m tempted to call the name AvB again but the gods are against it. I might choke, mummy warns me. She’s a big football fan by the way. You don’t want to see the way she jumped when Drogba struck with his head. For a moment I thought she was mad; ‘son, Drogba is a legend’ she mumbled gasping for breath.
Right now, it’s hard for others to believe Chelsea are European Champions.  Further even harder to believe is that Spurs are no longer Champions League destined but Europa it is. Harry must be feeling hard done right now. Missing on the England job isn’t even the worst, leading your team to fourth, then in the twinkling of Drogba’s eyes, it’s all back to square one. It can’t get any unluckier than this.
How further would you cap off a brilliant season of Champions League? How further would you cap off the most dramatic seasons in recent time for me?  Chelsea are deserved Champions. Bayern don’t have to feel hard done, they had their chances but never took them. Chelsea followed the script to the letter, believed in one West Brom reject and though he earns a fraction of what AvB used to win, he finally did what all those manager’s couldn’t do.
For a year of the underdogs as it started, Holy Zambia. I don’t even now want to predict how the rest of the year will transpire. If just we could reverse time, I would still fancy Chelsea to win the 2012 champions league because I now know.
I’m writing no more, Congratulations Chelsea!! Well won;  Bayern, well beaten, hard luck.
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