I 4-1’Ce feel for Chelsea

Forget about the heading, this is the correct spelling: ‘once’. Once in a while, even to us the professionals it happens; Typos here and there. Chelsea fans need not be offended though; this is just a blog, not what Abramovich is thinking of, but on the other hand, not really far from the bitter truth. Champions League football might not come back to the Bridge next season and who even told you the season after next season alone? Might take a while, ask Liverpool.
The word Liverpool might scare out some blue off a Chelsea fan, so let me use the word, ‘Kop’. Sounds less offensive I guess, but sounds more embracing I must say. 
The F.A cup was a bitter day for Mersey side, Caroll the victim of the day and Di Matteo seemingly got his team sheet right. Drogba, Mata and Cech all started but to my amazement, at Anfield, Di Matteo thought he was the king. Apologies*, he is the king at the Bridge, don’t dispute that. Please. 
Whatever mood Suarez was in at Wembley, I still don’t know, Caroll is in great form and though I out rightly blame Di Matteo for the choice of the keeper, he ruined Chelsea’s chances of Champions League football next season. 
EPL Factor
Those who read this blog frequently will note that I hated so much on AvB which I so vehemently apologise, but with him, Chelsea would have lost this race ages ago and not right now at the death. I’m not trying to say loosing the race at this time of the competition is better, but with Bayern at their backyard, it’s never gonna be an easy one.
Having won the F.A, the Europa spot might be an already confirmed venture no matter what. But just as depicted this season, even the Europa league has its owners. Nobody goes there and bullies people around just because they’ve played in the C.L final *GGMU*
Should be the final nail on the coffin, but should Chelsea go all the way and lift this trophy…. Someone then will write a book about this. 
Bayern have shown how hungry for success they are, not just success, Champions League success. Extinguishing Mourinho’s Real Madrid in the process and even though conceding the Bundesliga title to worthy winners Borrusia Dortmund, Munich is a pitch still feared by many.
Let’s face it; Chelsea is no Borrusia/Real/Barcelona even without the suspensions. A skeleton of its former self as it stands right now; winning the last two games in the EPL would have been a safer option. Luiz might be ready to bounce back, Terry might even act the assistant if he wants, but give Chelsea a 1/10 chance of burying this. 
Dare me predict? At their home turf? Bayern any day. 
Then what next? Di Matteo might have just ruined his permanency status yet to be confirmed or the stars might just leave.
Sorry just 4-1’Ce? Mmmmmh
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