Hey Mario, it’s not that easy as you think.  
What Manchester United and Manchester City have in common is that they are out of the Europa League and ultimately have just one realistic chance of Silverware which is the League title. One way or the other, this season in particular has been an excellent one for both the Manchester clubs in terms of football. They have led the rest of the pack for virtually the whole time since the season started.
Manchester United have once again showed the spirit that leads them to these titles over the years, the spirit Ferguson has so worked hard to instil, The spirit of a winner even in the worst of circumstances. On the other hand, Mancini seems to be getting back the glory days back to the sky blue stadium. An F.A cup triumph at the end of last season is no mean feat for a club like Manchester City who haven’t seen silverware in a while.
Sadly though, one of the teams will have to do with literally no trophy at the end of the season. But for the fans, it’s a beauty each match day. Loosing is not the name of the game now and a draw is far much more dangerous now than earlier thought.
                                                          Come on, it’s not over yet

The Derby at the Etihad is one nobody would love to miss, even the most neutral of fans will have to hold his breath if not once, twice or even more. My heart though goes out to the Man City fan caught crying on camera the other day at Swansea. Thank God you are not an Arsenal fan, sure you would by now filled a jug if not a pale. But that the game, the tears, the smiles and those worthwhile moments that define destiny.
So for now destiny is for both teams to decide. Manchester have their work cut out for them, win all the remaining matches and take the trophy to Trafford for number 20. For Manchester City, you too, win all the matches, pray you don’t falter against Arsenal, Newcastle, Chelsea, QPR and shed a smile on the Sheikh’s face.
Will the blue moon shine?, will the devil smile red again? Sincerely, I have no answers too. Until then, my saliva can’t stay in my mouth for far too long……..
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