Help get Snolegal to Spain

In today’s world, tales of young people engaging in inspirational stuff are rare to come across, more so if they involve the beautiful game. This week, something exciting, something spectacular gets served on the table. Not so many of you readers have heard about it but for those who have- it’s the time to act, it’s the time to change the world, it’s the time to think about tomorrow.

Just a few days ago, I came across a lovely lady named Sarah. Not any ordinary as you might think- she’s aiming for a first. A first in a field few people have dared venture, a first in a field where not many ladies of her age group might dare venture- all the same as you will come to learn, it’s not just for her own interest, it’s for the interest of the sport and the country.

To begin with, Sarah is a member of the Centre for Sports Law in Kenya (3rd time in a week I’ve mentioned this society) and a practicing lawyer. She is one of 27 students admitted to undertake a Masters’ degree in International Sports Law at Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia (ISDE) in Madrid, Spain from 17th January to 22nd December 2014. A feat that will make her the first Black African Woman to have attained this special level of academic achievement.

While she’ll be in Madrid (Spain) she will be taught by some of the best sports lawyers in the world, professors and representatives from Sports Institutions all over the world. Her academic trips would include visits to Cambridge University, UK, and International Sports Organisations such as UEFA, the International Olympic Committee and the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland. In addition, she will have the opportunity to intern at one of the International Sports organisations (Federations, IOC etc)

This opening will guarantee Sarah a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take her seat among the best in the business, but it all comes at a price – a standalone tuition fee of 25000 Euros which if added to related expenses translates to  6 million Kenya shillings.

How you Can Help Sarah

Plan A

The first plan as told by her

It’s a way of people helping me and me appreciating them back in the best honorary way I can

  • Ø She would like to get at least 500 people raising Sh1000 each. This group of people would make her list in a wall of fame she would later on have on her website.
  • Ø The second group which she calls the ‘Golden 50’ because of the Jubilee Year would be comprised of 50 individuals or corporates, each contributing Sh10,000. This group of people would then have their names on Sarah’s Golden 50 wall and, surprisingly, the first one in this category- is going to be Sarah’s grandmother.
  • Ø The Third Category, known as ‘Super 1 Raisers’ would each donate to Sarah’s cause Sh100,000 and here again, she says the first person who’s come forth is a woman (name withheld).

Plan A starts on 1st September and ends on Nov 30th this is because Sarah needs to fly out in January and would take the whole of December planning.

Plan B

This phase involves an event that will help ‘SINDIKIZA SARAH’ will be a fun-filled extravaganza. I needed to know more about it as I’m not a fan of dance (Sarah is) but before that, you as well need to note, Sarah is a former model and she loves to keep fit.

The event thus involves Dance (Zumba

– a dance fitness program) and at the same time incorporating fundraising for our lady’s studies.

For Zumba, she invites all the ladies (come with your boyfriends, husbands, friends and family), have some fun, keep fit and at the same time engage with other people as you help her raise funds for her studies. The event is slated for November (dates not yet released) but you can be sure this blog will have lots of posters online when they’re finally out.

Plan C

Must be my favourite one as it stands, it borrows from no other idea in this country and aims at not just helping raise funds but providing an experience of a lifetime.

This plan involves a raffle competition, taken part in so many? Relax, this is somewhat different.

This raffle competition is about quality time, quality time with a mentor/celebrity but which will come at a very affordable fee. She had in mind university students, high schoolers and just anyone out there who would love a chance to hang out with celebrities among them (Sauti Sol, Azar Anwar, Juliani, Judge Ian, Jalang’o, Waihiga Mwaura, a few athletes, Footballers, Rugby players just to mention a few).

All you need to do is contribute sh100 to a number that will be given later on (plans underway to get a pay bill number). This thus enters you into the draw that will help you earn a chance of a lifetime of spending quality time with a celebrity of your choice. The Draw launches on October 1st and more information too will be provided on the posters and on the website (launching soon).


In a country where even the greatest and most trusted corporates and agencies have failed to account for money donated to them for worthy causes- Sarah wants to take the straight path. She will make sure every contributor gets a receipt to show they have helped her cause. She is also in the process of getting an auditor to audit all accounts and also help in giving constant feedback while she’s in Europe (this involves receipting every transaction while undertaking her studies and showing it up on her website)

This way, Sarah seeks to be accountable for every single coin she uses on her travel and stay as she pursues this prestigious course.

Sarah seeks too, to be a travel correspondent for several travel magazines, sport websites and magazines while she is in Europe to help share her knowledge with the world and at the same time help her earn something little. She hopes to meet the Spanish National team during her stay and what a better way to enjoy Spain than also watching the El-Classico?

Remember, you can also help spread the word on Twitter using the hash tag #GetSnolegalToSpain and #SindikizaSnolegal . You can also follow Sarah on Twitter at @snolegal

To Donate, Bank Details:

For Bank Deposits (KShs);


Branch Name- Karen

Account Name- Sarah Ochwada

Account Number- 0100003066457



For International Transfers:



Bank Code: 31000

Branch Name: Karen Branch

Branch Code: 10023

Bank Address: P.O Box 72833-00100 Nairobi.

Swift Code: SBICKENX



ACCOUNT NAME; Sarah Ochwada



KES Account: 0100003066457

USD Account: 0100003066465

EUR Account: 0100003066473

I’m helping get Snolegal to Spain- Are you?