Harambee Starlets must now build on from AWCON 2016

Fed the rubbish of an awfully produced Starlets game, relegated to a scarcely used TV frequency: Corazon Aquino slotted home a goal that would send the National Women’s team to the 2016 AWCON and introduce fans who had barely known a women’s team exists to this beautiful side of the game. That was precisely on April 12th 2016, seven months later- we’re here again. Come, gone and now: the team is preparing to return after failing to pick even a single win in Cameroon.

2016 AWCON Representatives- Harambee Starlets

2016 AWCON Representatives- Harambee Starlets

A CECAFA cup competition intertwined in between the actual qualification and eventual participation perhaps did some good in helping the team prepare. (At this point its good to say well done to the federation), but from the onset the basics that had been ignored years and years before this were always going to be exposed some way.

A referee holds the blame for that opening day loss, which in its sense holds some truth- but in a game played by humans, mistakes do take place and defending being an art- can’t also be wholesomely placed on the ref’s already tired shoulders.

This was repeated over and over in the next games and when the final lords of punishment arrived, a 4-0 hiding was what a Kenyan defensive side could conjure.

After endless selfies, a birthday party and a visibly happy camp- the time to part shall arrive. Some shall possibly be back again, some never again- and others, well, they have a chance to dream.

A proper and wholesome team shall have to be properly selected for the next competition and preceding qualifiers.

Women’s football is not a big subject in football circles in this country. Even discouraging much is- that very few play at professional level. The encouragement however is that they can build on from this competition and pick vital lessons.

While the money flows (or rather has started flowing) in the men’s game, the women’s game needs a much urgent excitement to kick start its cash injection.

Assuming all factors remain the same or even better in the management sense of the game, a general commitment to grow the women’s game and a honest endeavor to get the best players for the national team: you can bet your greatest assets (Betin Kenya Promotion Code) that Kenya can one day become a giant of Womens football.

For the little, the Harambee Starlets have achieved- Well done!!!

Audere est Facere

  1. I follow Kenyan football and one thing I must say is that it has improved. I wish the learn from their mistakes and improve on them so that they can be the King’s in Africa. This is possible since I believe in the team.

    Thank you for the post.

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