Happy New Year Wishes from Superfoota

Merry Christmas (I’m kinda late, I know), but all the same boys and girls, people of all ages- 2014 Been a really great year, not so great in some footballing sense for this beautiful country.

From Kenya’s aborted AFCON quest to the end of year wars between FKF and KPL; Football’s heart has never stopped beating because of your passion and support. I’m so humbled by the numerous support you offered Superfoota (The Bloggers Awards and the Samsung Bloggers Challenge).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As we move forward to a new year, we hope to continue providing thought provoking articles, sober analysis and as always- when we can even better than what blogs do.

Many thanks to Our guest bloggers, Vincent Agan, Mike Njoroge, Zax Oguda- just to mention a few. What would 2014 have been without them?

Superfoota won’t promise a very good 2015, however, when we can- we shall try and make it really good.

Tomorrow; what Superfota thinks about 2015 shall be highlighted nicely and precisely on the blog.

And now, Cheers to the times we all spent talking football in 2014, 2015 can only be better.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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