Finally, beyond any doubt I’m convinced AC Milan might just find the quarter final of the champions league too much for them if they are to face teams who have proper football pitches. By all standards, they looked like a stoke/Blackburn team fighting their hearts off a relegation battle and the manner in which they concede was terrible. Massimiliano Allegri should finally have to teach his team how to park the bus, it’s what they don’t know how to do and if they are to face any team in the ranks of Real/Barcelona/Bayern Munich/Napoli, then sure they are gonna concede up to at least 5 goals in just a single half if not by full time.
Arsenal sure is disappointed, going by yesterday’s performance and the performances over the last few weeks, Newcastle have to be afraid, really afraid. RvP and Co are in a terribly good mood and can cause harm to any defence anywhere in the world right now. I for once loved Wenger for the way he behaved at the touch line, literally acting the ball boy when called upon and giving the fourth official a run for his money. A makeshift Arsenal midfield that were expected to be under par literally shocked me, they killed off Milan completely in the first half: that goes a long way in explaining why Ibrahimovic had to be caught offside severally, the long passes and the high line by the Arsenal defence was excellent and Milan lacked ideas in the absence of birthday boy Boateng.
Good luck to AC Milan, they did the job well in the first leg and sure put it beyond reach for Arsenal. Wenger now has to concentrate on the league, a third place finish would be a safer option taking into account that the fourth place might not in the future secure Champions league place automatically. Until then, North London waves goodbye to the Champions league, Milan have another 2 match days to savour in their quest to once again conquer Europe. 
So for a night when European football bids goodbye to the London kings, AC Milan savour in a two legged victory, how far they will go?, the football gods know. How close/how far Arsenal will be from next year’s Champions League on the other hand, don’t ask me, I too, don’t have an idea.
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