Footballing mess? there must be a footballing way out it

World Governing Body- FIFA

World Governing Body- FIFA

The author of this blog has been keenly following the happenings of Kenyan Football from afar (somewhere in a SADC country), but it’s not just the heart that bleeds, the eyes too- sore and wounded from watching the same script play over and over again.

It’s hard to believe, the generation of future football stars and lovers might never know what proper management entails; yes we too- have never. Perhaps the closest Kenya came to this was during the tenure of the intermediate committee headed by now Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero in 2010 (perhaps, because some members of that committee, have since been proven to be of questionable reputation).

But just like that- the new office that came into power has never for once delivered anything for Kenyan Football.

All around us today, Kenyan football has grown to where it is today majorly because of what ‘time’ demands and given it- and in a minor way, as a result of the FA’s direct involvement. Like the Kenyan political game, which more than often compared to the football game- accomplishments made as a result of ‘time demands’ is often credited to the FA at the time and the negatives- forced on them in a reverse manner.

This way, we often take credit for what we are not and for what we are- tend to magnify.

January 2015, 3 months since the last league season ended; it’s a pity- the kickoff of next season is yet to be known.

It’s clear; the top flight league is Kenya’s greatest source of footballing pride. Who would be proud of the National team at this moment (The AFCON is currently ongoing), leave alone that- the Super League and subsequent leagues?

Football Kenya Federation

Football Kenya Federation

FKF is currently coming under fire for wanting to manage the top flight league- which as the FA, are mandated to oversee the running of football in the country- this does include all leagues.

The suspicions which all mirror to the level of distrust and accountability have finally overgrown the vase. Like a flower that’s ever growing, a larger vase is needed- but this doesn’t stop the plant from eventually overgrowing a new one even as what should be growing- football, chokes.

It’s hard to think of a proper way to end Kenya’s football wrangles. In fact, allow me to put out these two questions for all of you. So many of you want FKF President Sam Nyamweya gone, but who do you want in? What is the type of person you want and how do you come to the conclusion that he/she will sort out the mess?

If you did manage to answer to any of the two, both or even none, it still means nothing- you being right or wrong depends on several factors, which gladly you can have control over.

Kenya has so many able bodied individuals who can run soccer in this country- but before that. Sacrifices shall have to be made.

Always in a war, like our African parents always insisted- it’s the grass that suffers. Players going hungry, missing opportunities, fans getting frustrated etc.

What again our AfrIcan parents insisted on was collective strength- that of the muscles and of the brains. Every wrong regime has an end, every end produces heroes. Those heroes have to be us- our generation.

The FA elections come around later this year, how many of us have registered as delegates of the clubs we so claim to love and support. If not, how many of us, have dared question authority (which might sometime spell trouble) when we see wrong.

Maybe we can begin here- there’s always a beginning.

Back to the questions asked in paragraph- if you had answers for all of them- Kenyan Football needs you. If you think as a person, you tick all the boxes? Rise up, your country needs you!

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