Football on your Android. Some exciting applications on Google Play

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I’m one lucky wizard I think. Not so many hours ago, I managed to lay my hands on an android 4.0.3 tablet and oh my God, I think every football fan needs a tablet like this.
It’s not anything to do with free tv or free football wall papers; it’s the number of so many football applications that have dotted the android market better known these days as the Google play.
I might not be able to review or rather mention all the apps available, but to all my blogs fans, I have a few I think would make you excited. You know football is not just all about, the goals, video, podcasts etc; there are games and real time applications you can now enjoy on your android device.
Here are a few; I have managed to get on my tablet you need to check out;
Sky Football live SC
Post game statistics might never be enough for you. The commentators voices and after match discussions fascinate you? Then this is the app for you. 

                                              image courtesy sky sports

This app has everything you could ever need. You can check live scores, league tables, game statistics, results, and the best part is the live commentary. Through this app, you get to hear and enjoy the details of the game with the commentaries of Jeff Stelling and the rest of the guys every Saturday through Sky Sports News Radio.
What’s even further exciting is that you can get live pictures/photos of the game, player profiles and even line ups. Those who are fascinated with the little details will sure love this app as it does even have a news segment; and not just for one league but several leagues all over the world.
This app also has a “My Scores” page where you can choose certain games that you want to follow, making it easier and hassle-free to keep on top of the action. All that you can enjoy through Sky Sports Live Football SC, free of charge.
My lucky day continues. The draws were just done the other day and maybe, just maybe if I had my tablet I wouldn’t have worried a lot about knowing who my team had been drawn against.
I thought of the Champions League, those sweet European nights, those teary moments, those breathtaking goals; I thought sure – google must have something for me. I typed Champions League, ALAS! Here it was.
I used to have the mobile app on my phone so it wasn’t really hard using this one. That means if you can’t get an android phone/tablet don’t worry – a mobile app exists too for people like you.
No voice in this one but some things you can sure know you will enjoy are as listed below;
• live results
• customised alerts
• news
• photos
• standings
One thing you need to know about this app; don’t think your phone/tablet pc has hanged; Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep.
Meanwhile click here to get your UEFA app downloaded directly to your android phone/pc. Remember all UEFA competitions are covered in this app.
Now this is the real toy boys and girls. Did I say toy? No,, eeer,, meant this is not play station but much more closer to it.
Just like its name; this is the real game. Funny though, the one I got had an image of David Villa as the cover. In this game actually; he’s not injured. So when playing against Madrid and you want to use Barcelona, need not e scared; this is real fiction in play here.

Playing Real Football 2012 is like watching the real game on TV and in high definition, thanks to the amazingly realistic graphics. Plus, you get to play 350 teams and 14 leagues with thousands of real players’ real names. You get to choose from various game modes such as exhibitions, international cup modes, and training mode.

You also get to interact with other football fanatics through this game. Real Football 2012 gives you the latest football updates which you and your friends can comment on. You can also create your own jersey design using the detailed editor and share it with other players. And, probably the coolest thing about this game is that you can set the outcome to just like how something happened in a real game that you recently saw. This is possible through Hypergame technology that allows you to recreate game highlights from the in-game news feed. Great, isn’t it? Oh sure it is!


How many pockets do you have on your attire today? Probably so many. Now can you imagine the device in your pocket being able to make you addicted to anything? Of Cause I know you can’t. ut here is one; The POCKET SOCCER.

Though it isn’t as realistic as Real Football 2012, it’s just as addictive. Pocket Soccer can also be called button football because of its resemblance to the classic board game. The game doesn’t have cool graphics to brag about. It has a very simple interface, allowing you to play soccer with buttons on the playing field instead of human characters.

The simplicity of the game makes it very addictive that even non-soccer fans will love playing it. You can play against the computer if you are alone or you can make things more fun and exciting by playing Pocket Soccer with your friends. The game has different game modes which you have to play to unlock specials like soccer fields and balls.


Most football clubs these days – certainly those in the top flight – have an official app all of their own. They might not make the most riveting of regular reads but they’re an excellent source of reference material such as fixture lists, player profiles as well as access to the club shop and ticket office.

On top of that, you might well get some video interviews with the players, live text commentary from the games as they happen and a stream of news articles both from the club site and the web in general. Doubtless, it will also try to sell you something at all opportunities but, hey, it’s all for a good cause.

I’m yet to get a Kenyan Football App; hoping one is made soon by all these brilliant minds in this country; you can bank on this log; you’ll be the first to know. 

Meanwhile. let me enjoy my self. Not until this morning did i know tablets are not so expensive. And now for just 16500 Kenya Shillings (inclusive of keyboard). You can get a good Android 4.0.3 tablet and have these games and many more? You wanna know where i was able to get this information from? Visit or you can follow them on twitter at @Sellinat.

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NB; This post was typed on an android 
There’s never an end to applications on google play, search and enjoy this whole new world of excitement.

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