Football hooliganism: A young boy’s cry


It’s Sunday afternoon, unlike most Sundays- today I will not go out to play with my friends. I’m angry, I’m dejected, I’m not gonna smile just because the sun is up and the cold is no longer here- I’m a football freak and gosh it breaks my heart. The tears in my eyes makes my window glasses look like it’s raining out there, NO- It’s raining in here, I’m raining, I’m raining tears.

Look at me, all dressed up for Sunday School, enjoyed every single minute of it- loved the new song my Sunday School teacher taught me- I had (just like it’s the routine) to sing it to my Dad and Mum in the car on our way back home. I’m so excited- they visibly see it, they know it, they can feel it but……., but what? Something seems to be going wrong today.

At first no-one can say it, look at their eyes- they want to, they feel like- they just won’t. They feel like they will let me down but again- I’m their kid, they have all the powers in the world to say a NO and Holy Heavens, I will not have a voice to say a thing leave alone the power to make it happen.

It’s Derby day, I’m a keen football follower- I’ve been to a couple of them. So exciting, so breathtakingly beautiful- everything a future football star, a successful fan and an aspiring pundit like me wouldn’t want to miss. On the ‘miss’ part- I lied- yes I know it. I lied to all of you, it’s gonna be on TV. My problem is, how will I even gather joy to celebrate a goal in this empty house?

Every lad out there is gone, it’s everything we’ve been talking about this whole week, we talked about it in school with my desk mate- I did promise to call him on my dad’s phone immediately we got there but now- he’s gonna wait forever.

Wait- I haven’t told you the reason my parents wouldn’t take me for this edition of the derby.

“Son- you are never sure about what’s going to happen. We aren’t using the car today besides, you’ve got a whole load of homework to do and it’s on TV”

I knew it, I knew it *actually I didn’t- I’m just sure I wouldn’t convince them*

They care, they truly do and I know it but now everything they do it’s like they hate me. I watch them leave, I hate it- I’m helpless.

For how long will I weep, for how long will I miss football? The next derby is probably in the next five months or so save for maybe cup ties (if the two teams ever meet).

The police issued a statement on TV yesterday and it’s been on the papers the whole week ‘’Hooligans will be dealt with’’. Were they expecting any hooligans? Can’t they sort this issue once and for all?

I speak on behalf of all kids out there who won’t make it for this derby- those who like me are gonna get locked in the house- not just for this edition but for many more to come. We just like all you out there love this beautiful game, it’s a shame we’ll miss the atmosphere, the beautiful moments- being helped by our parents up stadium stairs to watch our heroes.

When will we ever get a chance? A chance to cry not because our team lost but because we were right there to watch them lose. Hooliganism is a shame- you have the power to help stop this, i know you do. For starts help us have our parents back home safe, help us get out of this

  1. Wow, lowered yourself to a young boys level and wrote another beauty. Thank God i subscribed for this blogs updates- Hooliganism is a shame.

    Clearly speaks on behalf of all our sons and daughters who we are afraid of tagging along to KPL matches. Thank you, cant wait for your next post.

    • Thank you for reading and thanks for your kind words, you can subscribe to the blog using your email to get further blogs delivered to your email immediately they are published

  2. Fans should never be punished for the mistakes done by the hooligans. strict measures should be taken to punish hooliganism. i support the notion that clubs should be deducted points incase of any acts hooliganismdone by their fans. this will go a long way in reducing the destruction of our stadias

    • Absolutely Austin- Deducting points will not just solve the problem but also make the club lose it’s greatest asset which they fight for on the pitch which is points. Thanks for reading, hoping to see more and more of your comments

  3. It is a big shame that in this 21st century, an act of hooliganism is still witnessed in our stadias!!

    Many questions need answers.., but above all, stake holders in this country, the ball is in your court!

  4. 1st of all congrats on the site upgrade,looks good…Unto the topic, believe it or not I am 24yrs old but I have the same cries as the boy.what karma!

    • Thank you Nyagol, it’s been long coming.
      Karma my friend, the fear that you might never get back home scares the footballing hell out of you- hopefully this changes in real time.

  5. Hooliganism at this age is a disgrace and insult to the fathers of civilization……..Superb article you have here, keep it up!!

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