F.A Cup final; Di Matteo vs King Kenny…Lets go

Pretty long (5 days) since this blog was updated, a deserved break from this tiresome endeavour but no worries, we’re back and probably aiming to being the best football blog on this side of the Sahara. On the backdrop of the F.A Cup final,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, read on
So Chelsea and Liverpool square it off later today for F.A Cup glory, many minds haven’t really waited for this game, maybe it’s the teams that reached the final that have made it even less exciting. Chelsea is in the running for two trophies this season, the F.A Cup and the Champions league. Liverpool on the other hand already have a trophy with a Carling look to it, the dream for Europe died long ago and even though a win would be seen as an achievement for King Kenny, he’s so far given us no reason to look up to Liverpool as a big club. 
Most pundits would agree with me, King Kenny has not so far been effective in his time at Liverpool as far as the League competition is concerned. He seemingly has done his best in leading Liverpool to the Carling Cup final and winning it. Winning the F.A cup would be a plus for him but would not be the ultimate prize Liverpool fans want from him. 
Liverpool owners and fans alike seemingly have learnt their lesson even as the F.A appointed Roy Hodgson the man they had to let go so as they ushered Kenny in. Hodgson had his fair of disappointments but time proved us all wrong. West-Brom sit pretty above Liverpool and credit to Hodgson, he stole the F.A’s heart and now might soon be calling some Liverpool players to the England national squad.  
Di Mateo’s season so far has not been a very bad one though he took over mid-way and still sits in that dug out as care taker manager. I along several football fans would be very disappointed if Abramovich decided to look elsewhere for the next Chelsea manager, he is a very funny man you know, does things none of us expects. 
But just as it seemed that Di Mateo was gonna be caretaker and let this opportunity pass him, he’s gotten hold of it, posted some pretty good results and now makes himself so hard to sack. The old folks his predecessor seemingly rejected have all over sudden become the corner stone of his success story. I wonder what AvB is thinking of right now, a Champions League final, an F.A cup final and even fourth place still looks a beatable target, this man might be biting his upper lip every time, Drogba, Lampard and Terry score a goal.
Either way, this is gonna be a final that would determine several things. A win for Chelsea would be a great booster going into their CL final and fight for fourth place. A win for Liverpool would not really help them in their top four chase but having another trophy  this season when trophies are rare for some teams (mad respect Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City), would be a welcome idea any day. Better half a loaf than none, right? 
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