I’m not the greatest of La Liga fans, but one fact for sure is that while most of us concentrated so much on the EPL, La Liga gained so much ground in footballing terms. A few years ago, you expected Manchester united to comfortably see off teams in the ranks of Athletic Bilbao and Co with good score lines if not exaggerated ones but what happened yesterday should not come as a shocker to the world. The world has gone TIKI TAKA and for a team who can’t pass the ball around and keep it for long moments of the game, there time sure has come to an end if not coming to an end.
It’s not that I love watching Ferguson loose, but on the other hand I was impressed with his post-match commentary on the game. They by far deserved to loose by even a wider margin but Rooney and De Gea kept them in the game.  Llorente, the other version of Torres (who scores) never failed to impress and in Europe winning away gives a team the right boost for the return leg, one Manchester United fans hope goes their way.
Manchester City on the other match just could not be able to get the away goal they badly needed after a brilliant Xandao back heel beat Joe Hart at the near post. When Balotelli was called to step up after Barry started getting stupid and had to be withdrawn, I thought maybe just now, they would get a goal. Mancini for sure would want to believe he can beat the multi-talented Sporting side having in mind that Yaya Toure would be back for the second leg.  
This leaves England with the possibility of not having any of its teams in the last eight of either the Champions League or the Europa league should Chelsea, Man U and Man City all be eliminated. Most critics might want to think maybe, it wasn’t just a lucky season for England but my other piece of mind tends to tell me, England have never wanted to improve their game. Same old football played in the 90’s and in the new millennium might be the problem here. 
In Spain they let the ball do most of the running whereas in England the players do most of the running a fact depicted in yesterday’s match by all standards. Up to this moment I don’t want to be seen as an ‘English Football’ hater, for your information, I’m a big fan of the English game and I feel sad having to write about how Spain is doing better than England at this moment.
England for sure need to improve fast, in fact really fast if they plan to compete for honours at the world stage or just in Europe. This season already looks done and dusted, I really don’t see any English team making it into the finals of any European Championship this season and if they do, then they shall have pulled one of the greatest shocks of this century. Until then, adios Queensland,(ppsss no reference to the one in Australia) see you when you improve and change your style or if not that, perfect it.
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