I’m almost giving up publishing this blog having to mention that sleek Swansea, who by all standards deserved to win against Arsenal, dented my Team’s title ambitions. The other side, I was redfaced having to see Man U smile their way to a comfortable victory, thanks to a poor Bolton defence taking nothing away from the Super Scholes. A.V.B survived a scare of his life as a simple goal from the Big Frank earned Chelsea all the points and a few more weeks at the top four spot. My smile came when I saw even Tottenham, the pretenders,,, eer sorry contenders loose points with a draw. Man City, the men at the top of the summit, take on the pitch tonight in a must win encounter.
Someone seems not to be doing his job well at the F.A. How on earth does Valencia run like that and no one does even for a moment thinks this guy never had a dose of Marijuana or something for that case? Excellent work rate, pace and an eye for goal, for me he was the man of the match, a player in a class of his own at the top of his game. Wayne sure missed a chance to maybe catch BA on goals but awfully missed it, then came the big Scholes who opened the flood gates, and from then on, only the final whistle stopped proceedings at Trafford. Trust me the short walk from the stands to the tunnel at the far corner of Old Trafford was so memorable for Fergie having bagged all the three points.
Sincerely, Torres seems to be a player with his own problems to deal with, yes he did play such a pivotal role in the game against Sunderland, but for those who did watch Sunderland demolish City, AVB has his gods to thank. I understand, should have it been Torres in the same position Lampard was when he scored; a draw would have been a fair score line. A striker really really needed at the Bridge, and not just a striker,  a BIG striker for that matter.
King Kenny seems to be clueless at this point in time. Yes he pulled it at Man City in the Carling cup first leg away, but with the type of attack Liverpool posses without the ‘racist’ Suarez, Kuyt is a lone figure upfront. He sure has no goal to his name in the league this season and his confident levels are realy dropping. Bent’s names seems to be on the corridor’s  at Anfield and it better be true before we witness another Europa berth for Liverpool. Tony Pullis’ side Stoke is never an easy nut to crack whether home or away and a draw for such a poor performance from Liverpool should be a deserved result.
And now Step forward team Arsenal, a few claps, several boos, and a sighing face of a Professor. The defence at Arsenal is criminal, no permanent left back, a plague of injuries and cursed but talented midfield is the picture painted in 2011 and now in 2012. Arteta might be missing in midfield but there are players rather not played than even seen warming up. Andrei Arshavin, Aaron Ramsey, both names starting in a letter A, Alpha for heaven’s sake. The big Alpha in the team seems to be leading from the front perfectly, RVP bangs in the goals with great precision yet he is again lagged behind. Won’t be surprising to see him leave the Emirates at the end of the season, a thing I don’t want to be alive to see. Swansea’s Kevin Doyle to me was the man of the match, took the Arsenal defence head on and was well awarded with the 2nd goal for his team. The first penalty from a players perspective looked so soft but again take nothing away from Swansea, they fought for it, they wanted it and surely they got it. A top four finish for Arsenal would be miraculous trust me.
January is when the league is won, bet on Manchester United and Man City to fight it out for the top honours. Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal to fight for the other two CL slots. By any standards, the fixtures that pit these teams against each other in any order will shape the final table at the end of the season. Talk of January signings, so much is still left to see, but i still can’t help to heap praise in Emmanuel Frimpong. The boy is growing up, ask Van Der Vaat, he knows this better.

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