The season starts very soon, my heart beat’s just changed and what a better way to kick start a new EPL season than put my prediction wits to the test. I might not be the best but i ask you to read on, maybe , just maybe, i might be the prophet you Arsenal have all been waiting for,,mmmmh, i’m not saying Arsenal is wining EPL neither am i saying i know the exact outcome,,, So check out my thoughts.

Manchester City
They will win the league because, there players have blended in together and gotten used t playing with each other over time. Good to see Mancini has been able to keep the spirit in the camp together and the discipline seems to be up to shape now compared to the earlier stages of last season.
Their star man should be Sergio Aguero. Always popped up with important goals, has kept away from injury and so far consistent in his game as well as a team player
Biggest Challenge will be, beating cross town rivals Manchester United and trying to maintain their title.
Will end up second because; Wenger has had a good transfer season, brought in quality in the names of Carzola, Giroud and Podolski. Hoping they add a few more, they should be able to fight for the title but should fall short to the quality Manchester City boasts of.  Another problem should be the ever fringe Arsenal defense that might fall short when called upon in big matches or against good attacking play.
Their star man should be Robin Van Persie depending on if Wenger will keep him. Assuming he leaves then Giroud and Podolski need to come to the party.
Biggest Challenge will be keeping their players especially their defense fit as this has been the main problem Arsenal has had to deal with over the years.
Manchester United
Will end up third because; Just like Wenger, Manchester United always find a way to wrestle themselves to the top four despite the squad. So many people will concur with me this isn’t the greatest of Manchester sides and the squad isn’t just good enough to compete for the title anymore.
Their star man should be Wayne Rooney;  Up to this moment I’m not kidding. Wyane Rooney is one man who has far evolved not just from having temper issues to playing upfront and now just right behind the striker, the England International can still get goals,. Currently no striker is far good to command at east 20 goals  plus on his own and with Valencia having issues with his fitness at times, ‘Wazza’ should still feature more frequently on the score sheet.
Biggest Challenge; obviously it would be trying to wrestle the title from cross town rivals Manchester City, anything else really? Mmmmh, NO. 
Will end up fourth because; Two things come to mind, Striker issues and Managerial issues. I so far have no problem with the Chelsea midfield, strong in defense and with Drogba gone, are you gonna rely on Torres daily? Unless it’s another Chelsea Barcelona clash which we all know isn’t daily. Di Matteo is a great manager if the post Boas time is to be put under the microscope; actually even better than all EPL coaches. Two titles in a very short time and as caretaker manager is impressive and rightfully handed him a permanent job at that Stamford bridge dugout.
Their star man should be Ramires. If his form last season is anything to go by, then the Brazilian should dictate proceedings at the Bridge. I fail to single handedly give it to him considering a player like Mata too is in the side, they should go hand in hand but a top three finish would just be too much to expect from this side.
Biggest Challenge will be; Blending the squad and maintaining the winning mentality the side enjoyed at the end of last season. 
Will end up fifth because; such a good side with such a brilliant manager but at times seems to just lose focus in big matches. Their inability to win big matches should be their main undoing even though should put up a brilliant run but just fail short of another top four finish
Their Star Man should be Hatem Ben Arfa ; This is suprising isn’t it? Yes for sure, suprising as his name, his title, French hot head as some would love to call him but can you remember that Ferdinand face after the young man went down to win a penalty against Man U? That’s the talent im talking about, running and following his run to the final end is one thing Pardew can boast of in this player.
Biggest Challenge; January Africa Cup of Nations; Ba and Cisse, the biggest goal machines for this side should be on duty in South Africa and this leaves Pardew with a selection headache in the absence of these two. Pardew’s signings of late have scared me and not knowing who he’s gonna sign, let’s hope his signing can make an impact when the two Senegalese are in South Africa on national duty.
Tottenham Hotspurs
Will end up sixth because; they missed Champions League football last time right? Or rather Chelsea made them miss? Harry went home and Boas got his way back to England. Hoping Adebayor becomes a Spud and depending on how fast Boas learns his way round the team, a sixth place finish won’t be a bad one on his first season.
Their Star man should be; Depending on Mourinho’s pursuit, then Modric should be key for Tottenham should he stay. With super crisp passing and a good run off the ball and on the ball, Villas Boas needs to try and keep him by all standards.
Biggest Challenge; Keeping a proper mental head especially after losing a winning streak. Boas needs to try and help his team overcome a bad run of results something Redknapp was not able to do perfectly over time.
They will be seventh because; having lost some influential players and having had to work ona stict budget, Moyes has to contend with life without Cahill who’s off to the MLS. Meanwhile as replacing Cahill will still be in the manager’s head, another issue that will be of great concern is keeping Baines who’s a Man U target unfortunately.
Their Star man should be; Fellaini, this too depends on the matter of staying or moving away from Everton. Jersey number 25, strong on and off the ball, he has in recent times influenced several Everton results and is expected to do the same next season too.
Biggest Challenge will be having to have a decent start to the league something that has eluded them for a while now. They seem to find their rhythm late into the season and what a better way to end the season than by finishing above Liverpool? Sure they should
They will be eighth because; Things haven’t been good of late at Anfield and taking into account that the squad haven’t brought in a good striker since Torres left for Chelsea has done no good but even further compounded their miseries. With Gerrard having no proper support Borini and Suarez probably above average the rest for now remains standard. Expect more balls hit the woodwork than more balls get to the back of the net. There’s hope though in Brendan Rodgers if he can make Liverpool unbeatable at Anfield.
Their star man should be Luis Suarez any day. Do you want me to tell you for free? The man is on fire and excluding his off the pitch antics, walking alone should be one thing Liverpool fans should forget about.
Biggest Challenge will be having Caroll scoring once again. Keeping Gerrard fit is one thing, giving him support and allowing him to move forward is another. I love TIKI TAKA; just don’t know if Brendan can make it work on the Anfield turf.
They will be ninth because; I’ve always believed this man, Martin O’Neil is a great manger. Having watched him from his days in Scotland to those turbulent Villa days, I don’t really see him finish in the bottom half and with position ten having Martin Jol already I see no better team than the black Cats at position 9. Hoping Sunderland capture their form they had at the start of O’Neil’s reign, need I say more, position 9 is not hard to get.
Their Star man should be Sessegnon for me. Had a brilliant season last year and hoping he keeps his greatest attributes that attracts every football eye to this Sunderland midfielder, his ten goal tally in just 48 games should just get better and better this season.
Biggest Challenge should be the late season losses that saw them sink down the table at the close end of the season. 
They will be tenth because; I really don’t think this should surprise anybody having mentioned it up here already. Martin Jol is just one brilliant manager and with a crop of special players at the Cottage Fulham firmly closes my top ten list.
Their star man should be Clint Dempsey; this is hoping he stays. But with his wish of Champions league football maybe finally robbing Jol his prized asset their star man might be gone. So who steps up in his absence?…..
Biggest Challenge should be keeping Dempsey at the cottage but on the team note, keeping up with the team tempo and rebuilding especially after Danny Murphy moved to Blackburn and Pavel Pogrebnyak who’s moved to Reading. Getting results off big teams when at the Cottage has been a pretty decent achievement for Jol and this should continue even this season.
They will be 11th because; It’s right now not hard to predict how Swansea will play. Tiki Tka should still be the theme with Laudrup at Swansea, the shoes should be big to fill but just like his predecessor who came, saw and conquered, one thing I’m so sure of is that Swansea will not be relegated and at the same time will not be in the top ten. They way the team has played it’s set pieces over time is far much impressive and should they go on with their impressive conversion rate, why not sit back and watch another super Swans….ride?
Their Star man should be Vorm for me. Do you know Michel Vorm? Sure I know you do. Brilliant shot stopper I must say, was excited when I heard Arsenal wanted him but for now, im glad to see him still star in the EPL.
Biggest Challenge; I think this should be a question to the new man at the helm of the team. Laudrup should be able to implement his own style just like the style the whole EPL came to relate to Rodgers while he was at Swansea. The Swansea Chairman sees this club like a project and really not a silver ware minting business and being in line with this vision should be a big plus/challenge for Laudrup.
They will be 12th because; Hughton is relatively new to the job too after Lambert had to move to Aston Villa. Life may not be really exciting at the Canaries but with a properly disciplined side that Paul Lambert made and just a little adjustments here and ther in the defense, a 12thplace finish shouldn’t be hard coming.
Their Star man should be;  I would take no second thinking this over, it’s Holt for me any day. Did he deserve a call up for the Euro’s? Sure I think so. 15 goals to his name in his first season in the EPL, he’s got nothing to prove, he just needs to maintain.
Biggest Challenge; Life after Lambet who became so synonymous with the style of play at the Canaries. Keeping Holt too should be another challenge but I really don’t see him leaving so Swansea fans, sip your coffee in peace.
Stoke City
They will be 13th because; this position might be shocking right? But this is all I think of Stoke City. Playing at Brittania has not been an easy task but at the same time, I really don’t see results to be easy coming for them too. Rangers Midfielder Jamie Ness might be on his way to Stoke and not forgetting Michael Owen too, Stoke would be a far better team upfront. My only problem is their away record, but they should be good enough to hang on for a 13th finish.
Their main star should be; Peter Crouch. Is there any better player I would pick from this side for such a good mention? Is there? His ability to sometimes single handedly win games for Stoke and his adaptability to the Stoke style of football best suits him for this role of main star.
Biggest Challenge will be; Concentration in the dying minutes of every game and trying to keep themselves from the wrong sides of officials books..
They will be 14th because; the league is a tough one you know. Mark Hughes is a big name in the managerial world and having impressively saved QPR from relegation last season, a 14th finish would be a welcome relief for this side of London. With players like Cisse, a level headed Barton and a reviving Taarabt among others, I believe it’s time QPR made it’s mark in the EPL as a regular.
Their Main Star should be; Cisse is the man for me. Forget his record of either scoring or getting sent off- he should provide goals even in places goals don’t seem to be coming.
Biggest Challenge; getting more experience into the squad, dealing with the egos and what else; cementing their position in the league should be their main target. 
Aston Villa
They will be 15th because; I’m not laughing at Alex McLeish; he’s a Carling Cup winner for crying out loud. He successfully led Birmingham to relegation and just before our very eyes; he failed by a whisker in leading Aston Villa the same road. So Lambert arrives from Norwich City and here’s a whole different game plan. Villa needs the mentality, they have the players and just after a few fixes, Villa should be good to rumble again.
Their Main Star should be; Gabriel Agbonlahor for me any day. Having watched him mature over recent time even in recent trouble at this club and alongside Bent, he should keep the Villa Machine in motion.
Biggest Challenge; Try and win several matches as possible. Last season they only won 7 matches and with several draws, they were almost relegated. Getting more wins should be the greatest thing now.
They will be 16th because; who wins the Championship trophy twice? Sure nobody, you win it once and leave to the Premier League. They lit the championship the best way they know how and with the signing of Pavel from Fulham they have shown they can compete in the Premier League. Their defense in the Championship last season was Stingy and should they be able to re-create this form, 16th place would not be a dream but a reality.
Their Main Star should be Adam Federici; another goalkeeper who makes this list, proven shot stopper and with such a decent season behind him in the Championship that even saw him named player of the season at Reading, the 27 year Old Australian is headed for much bigger things.
Biggest Challenge; Just like any other promoted team, cementing a place should be the first priority. 16th is not so a decent position but just good enough to survive. Should they survive, shouldn’t they, sure they will.
West Ham
They should be 17th because; This is the last real position of survival. Big Sam loves it hard and boring but breaking his team down is really hard. They did score lots of goals last season and even though unlucky not to secure automatic qualification, its good they are finally here.
Their Main Star should be Stephen Henderson or Jussi Jaaskelainen. I really couldn’t settle on any at the moment since the departure of Green has left a void in that position, Big Sam will have to find who fits best for the starting position. As customary to promoted side’s seasons, they will sure face some stiff opposition and might sometimes be embarrassingly beaten so a good keeper should go a long way in helping keep some clean sheets and at the same time make sure the goal difference is safe.
Biggest Challenge; Big Sam is used to challenges but just like any other promoted manager, having to start a new season in a higher league without some players who really helped during promotion must be really tough. Bringing somebody to step into Green’s shoes should be the greatest issue and getting a striker with EPL experience too should be another issue. Maybe Fletcher or Holt, who can you think of? Yes they need one.
West Brom
They should be 18th because; Come on people, Hodgson is gone,,huh! So then who steps in? Steve Clarke, a rookie I would say, yes he’s been assistant manager for a while in around three clubs but as a manager? First stint it is. Under Hodgson West Brom thrived really well and with Clarke having his first go at the hot seat, expect not so good results, a relegation for me s on the cards.
Their Main Star should be Odemwinge. The Nigerian International has been in good form since he joined this team and praying nothing has changed, a season of 20 plus goals should be on the cards for him.
Biggest Challenge; Getting over the loss of former manager Roy Hodgson should be the greatest challenge for them. After a good season last time under him, the black and white strips will be hoping Steve Clarke comes to the party and settles in very fast. 
Wigan Athletic
They should be 19th because; Last season was just a dramatic one at the closing stages for Martinez. At even a certain point, it was Martinez the manager that everybody wanted. But now away from that, Wigan never really had a good season last time. Their survival in the EPL was due to some good performances during the last few matches of the league something I really don’t think the side has worked on. Assuming they have a similar run to what they have had, even winning on the final few match days might be a problem and relegation would finally be a reality for the Spaniard and his side.
Their Main Star should be Victor Moses; Nigerian International who at times has shown some flashes of brilliance must keep his place in the team since as it stands now, apart from him and Al Habsi, the rest are just average EPL layers.
Biggest Challenge; The greatest challenge for Wigan might have to be getting to winning ways early enough in the league. Late blooming at times in this league might cost you your status come the next season and with teams like Reading, West ham and Southampton wanting to confirm safety early, Wiagna will have to pull up their socks.
They should be last because; Southampton over the years has been known to be a center for nurturing young talent. With players like Bale, Walcott and recently Oxlade among others graduates of this famous academy making inroads in the EPL, expectations will be high and this might prove costly for them. While they scored goals for fun in the Championship last season, the EPL waters might prove murky and who knows, paddling across them might even be far much harder than we think.
Their Main Star should be; Rickie Lambert for me any day. Having watched a few matches Southampton played last season, I really don’t think there’s a better striker in this side than Rickie. With quick thinking and a magic head as I might want to refer to it, the lad should for sure light up the EPL.
Biggest Challenge; Just like any other promoted side, cementing their place amongst the big boys should be the first thing. Holding on to their best players should be the next and with them recently beating Everton to the signing of Joy Rodriguez, they already have proved a point even before a ball is kicked in the new season. 
Oh come on people, this is not the final list, several fans world over would want to kill me, but hell no! You won’t catch me anywhere. 
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