Don’t believe the hype; I’m no hooligan, I just have no rules to abide by.

My first Kenya Premier League match ever was with an ex colleague who sat in the west side of the upper terrace at Nyayo National Stadium in mid-2010. Like I always do when in new surroundings, I try to get acquainted as fast as I can.  I don’t hear well, so I didn’t hear what the chants punctuating the metal and drum sounds really were. That changed, but first my back-story.

I grew up somewhere in Western Kenya, about six, seven or even an eight hour drive to the Capital, depends on your choice and means of conveyance.

I had heard of the Kenyan Premier League but had never experienced it first-hand, radio commentary was the closest appreciation of top-flight football I had ever experienced.

So when I got here, I went to a few games, I mean who wouldn’t want a first time opportunity to see his/her stars on the cheap? (NOTE; I sat at the terraces.)

So yes, I’m a die-hard fan of my team, a friend of the night. I used to play football in primary school but wasn’t lucky enough to get beyond high school football. I got tired of listening to the game on radio; it took the joy of sport and imagination from me.

Move forward a couple of years and my work moves me to an Indian Warehouse somewhere along Commercial Street, industrial area. Here it’s a little bit easy, I no longer have to work at night; I just have to make sure no gate remains ajar when it’s not to and all remain closed most of the time.

See, I’m somewhere between City Stadium and Nyayo Stadium, having some time on my hands over the weekends, meeting so many new people and watching more football suddenly, I wanted this life after all.

Last year my team had an awesome season, we won the final derby of the year, a small shield accompanied it and to cap it off, I posed with the piece of silverware on an end of year musical night.

This year however hasn’t started really well, I don’t want to blame it on anyone but I can bear witness the changes on and off the pitch have far been too many.

I’m a security consultant by trade (read not trade) and the hard hat logo and ‘Work Hard Play Harder” just speaks to me.

But you ask, why am I writing this?

Hockey-Hooligan-Youth-T-Shirt---Navy-with-White-MaIt’s because I know no rules, I’m being labelled a hooligan for hot headedly questioning why my team is going down the drain.

I’m being labelled a hooligan because of the injustice that fills my heart every time a match official/club official can’t be taken into account for some wrong deeds.

I’m being labelled a hooligan because the law has been applied selectively in the past and promises to be duplicated in the future.

I’m being labelled a hooligan because there are no rules for me to abide by and in case there are, an absence of enforcers to keep me off this path.

Save me, save the sport, have some rules working.

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