I probably have not been able to read Zlatan’s book, I pretty wish I would be able to get one but if whatever comes out of his mouth is anything to go by, then I’d rather not have the publication at all. Until 2 weeks ago, I really respected Ibrahimovic for the player he is, his quality, his physique, his ability and his finishes, they are just world class, but behind that prosperous individual seem to lie an ego, an ego that needs deflation tonight before it gets out of hand.
I don’t intend to take anything away from his performance against Arsenal during the first leg, he was exceptional, provided good assists and managed to get to the score sheet himself. Yes I agree Van Persie never scored but advising Van Persie to leave Arsenal because they are not a top club is utterly wrong. Arsenal have had their problems of late, each club in one way or the other has it’s won problems and Zlatan for the player he is needs to just shut up. At Barcelona, he never proved himself, he lacks loyalty, respect for other people and lacks the footballing spirit most footballers on this planet have. The way he handled Pep Guardiola after he was sold away from Barcelona, the way he talked about Inter Milan while he was at Barcelona and the way now he talks about Wenger shows you the calibre of man he is.
At each club, things are run differently and no player ever gets 100% satisfaction any day. If that was not the case then probably Messi would take all Barcelona penalties, be the Argentina National team Captain and even be the coach of both Barcelona and his National team. Zlatan acts like he owns the world because he is in hot red form; I wish he could learn a lesson or two from Carlito Tevez, Alexandre Hleb or even his team mate Robinho. So Zlatan nobody cares if you don’t do auditions/trials, this is Arsenal and if the club feels you can’t do TIKI TAKA, you gotta do an audition.
Enough of Zlatan, I actually never intended to speak of him anyway. AvB had a bad week and so did my friend and birthday boy King Kenny and his old friend Harry.  In this game it is winning that matters, beautiful football and off the pitch images are just a plus for any team, it’s the three points that matters and in tonight’s case, it’s a win, a large margin win for team Arsenal to make it through.
How Wenger is gonna play 4 strikers and two midfielders still surprises me. I feel like I’m afraid but at the same time I console myself, ‘ARSENE KNOWS’.  Sure then if he knows I expect an Arsenal side that attacks from the onset. The Milan keeper is not an easy one to beat but getting 5 past him depends on the Arsenal forward line. The pitch will so favour the Arsenal game and AC Milan (I know by now) got the notice from Wenger that today they will play on a real pitch.
Well put.  Arsene and Arsenal were deeply hurt by the 4-0 hammering in Milan, and tonight is, in the first place, about restoring some pride.  I don’t want to make any predictions, I’m so poor at them but any kind of win would undoubtedly be a good thing.  If it’s by the margin of a few goals, and close enough to get us excited about the remote possibility of reigning the Italians in… well, then it’ll have been a very exciting night indeed.
Come On You Gunners.  You never know, this might be our last night in the Champions League for a while.  Let’s enjoy it while it’s there.
Did some Chelsea, AC Milan fans just say AMEN? Oh Sorry, this is London, at London the lights are brighter than at Milan especially, European nights.
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