These days I’ve become so afraid of watching players go down even at the slightest of those mid-air tackles we are accustomed to in the EPL so much, that when Djorou went down clutching his face and the cameras showed a blood stained shirt, the thought of another Muamba flashed across my mind. 78 minutes dead? Oh no, not for Djorou please. Thank heavens, the lad came back to life (sorry, he never died actually) and went on to play the entire match helping the gunners to a comfortable three nil win.
Speaking of wins, two other London clubs who haven’t really known of wins in recent time, met yet again, this time at the bridge. I love Di Matteo’s new outfit by the way, reminds me of my Spanish mentor, Pep himself. Matteo seems to have settled into the big seat perfectly but for now, things aren’t that perfect as they may seem. The fire has been extinguished lately and even starting the big DD at the front couldn’t bear any goals. My old man, Harry better accepted the English job while it lasts. I don’t want to see Tottenham at position 5 at the end of the season; Harry’s sacked and then the FA appoint Roy Hodgson (God forbid) as its manager for the Euro’s. You know again, the man is old, age and heart diseases sometimes fall in love during such happenings and to save the old man all these drama, Adebayor and Co need to get their goal scoring acts together very soon.
The bridge match was so boring for most of the 90 albeit some wood breaking shot from Mata that almost got me off my seat. Tottenham never looked to threaten so much but at the same time, thanks heavens, Drogba and Co were having a dull day in the office. So you thought Torres got his form back? NO,,,,YES…I also don’t know.  If he really got his form, then I’d give him at most 100 minutes to get a goal, but for now, the struggle for fourth place continues. Old Harry knows how, Di Matteo, think =s he knows, who’s going to win? The Thinker or the one who knows how… Will be a few more match days to decide this.
On the other hand, for one man, decisions have never been easy for him but of late they look like they are going his way. Wenger at least has a reason to smile now. For a team that was languishing in 17thposition sometime in September, position three is no mean feat. ARSENE KNOWS? Really? Yes, I think. So if Arsene Knows, Harry Knows, then what else? Mind the gap. Every Arsenal fan would by now be smiling reading this sentence, but come to think of it, is any Spurs fan smiling? So you are happy when your enemy’s crying? For Chelsea, the fight continues, the search too continues and how it’s gonna end, two words. ‘Heavens Know’
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  1. I dont mean to offend anyone, but i think Chelsea wont take the 4th slot. Their only hope therefore is to win Champions League?? Which is an uphill task….
    Torres on the other hand, i’m gonna take a watermelon stand on his the so called “form”!!
    Lets wait Johna

  2. Hahaha Ibarah, Lets face it,,winning the Cl can be too much for them,,,Torres, forget about him, he’ll be on fire today,,,get cold for the next ten weeks, get fire again,,you realy acnt tell when he’ll score next

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