Champions League Final; Why Arsenal fans are the most confused right now

If you ever thought the greatest loser on Survival Sunday was Manchester United alone, here is a new one; in my eyes, Arsenal was the greatest looser. Not only did Nasri and Clichy prove they were right and they (Arsenal fans) were wrong, but they further proved to Arsenal, talent alone cannot propel you to the summit of English football, some Cash comes handy. 

Another season without silverware and as it stands on trophy’s and silverware drought ; Arsenal 7 Manchester United 1. Who wins? Yes, Arsenal. COYG Please!!!
Matters at hand straight away; The Champions League Final.
It hurts, I know. When most of us were busy betting Real Madrid and Barcelona would be in the finals, the underdogs pulled some great feats. Jose Mourinho kneeling, Pep calling it a day? For sure the events of that week shook Spain to its core, and not just Spain, the whole world was shaken. 
So why am I dragging Arsenal into the mix when even for sure the first two paragraphs doesn’t tell anything about them apart from the trophy drought we all know of?
Tottenham Hotspurs
Arsenal’s total enemies; nothing positive can be said positive by an Arsenal fan about this team even when Bale, Adebayor and Co are scoring day in day out. 
The score line at half time on survival Sunday was not one any Arsenal fan wanted to take home and just in case the worst of things happened and then West Brom equalized at the death; need I mention anything? Arsenal vs. Liverpool (2011/2012 season) should be a good lesson; stop pretending you don’t know Eboue plays in Turkey in some team I don’t seem to get the pronunciation properly. 
Tottenham are in the Champions League as it stands right now. A Chelsea win would mean they are relegated to the Europa and with Arsenal already confirmed a place in the group stages of the Champions League no matter the result at Munich on 19th, a Chelsea win would make every Tottenham fan sad, the Arsenal fan would care the least; but wait I’m telling you why they would still care.
I hope I won’t be wrong in stating that Arsenal has lived in Chelsea’s shadow in the recent years especially since Roman took over Chelsea. In fact Chelsea fans believe were it not for the A to the V to the B, the would still be sitting pretty above Arsenal and wouldn’t have to worry about Champions league football next season though now they still have the chance but albeit the hard way. 
So what does a Chelsea win mean to Arsenal fans? 
Simple and to the point; means the CL will come to London but not in Red and white *i chocked right there*; sure if it comes it will be in blue. Pride is at stake people. Arsenal let it go against Barcelona in 2006, in 2008, again in blue; they let the Red’s carry it. Bayern is Red, Chelsea is blue, will they falter?
Bayern Munich
Borrusia Dortmund fans; enough of your ridicule please. 
I know it’s been long but just please for this one we need your support. I’m not a Bayern fan by the way; I’m just a big sympathizer. 
Playing at home is tough, the pressure is all on Bayern and wanting to mark the end of the season on  a high, this is the perfect opportunity. 
From an Arsenal perspective, Bayern loosing means they will not be the first London team to lif the CL. A Bayern win on the other hand will mean, Tottenham get to the group stage after the play offs and who knows, if Spurs ever do one better than Arsenal……..*it’s tough*
Watching Chelsea loose on the other hand will be painful but then, who doesn’t want to rule London?
Arsenal fans, it’s tough. Ego’s and more Egos’; your main problem. Deal with them.
My head hurts!

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  1. this is the most illogical piece of work ever written the idiot keeps on contradicting himself through out the article. I assume he was drunk!

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