You know this is the problem when you celebrate your birthday on a day you are required to blog too. On the other hand it’s a problem if you just lost yesterday, yet you played the greatest of matches. King Kenny(Happy birthday Kenny) sure deserved more and I couldn’t agree further with his post-match comments, the score line never depicted the game it was. But this is football, take your chances when they come and sure RvP would be so delighted with that left foot strike that killed off any hopes Liverpool had of beating Arsenal here since they last did in 2007.
Really don’t know if you have ever noticed seems like Song’s right boot and Persie’s left boothave something in common, or is it Song’s lright leg and RvP’s left leg were just created somewhere in Africa? Whichever way you look at it, over the years, Song has greatly proven to be a world class passer, RvP on the other hand, has curried the burden of the team single handedly and the polish goalkeeper, seems to be growing in confidence with each passing day. 
Dirk Kuyt should have put Liverpool ahead but yesterday again, seems like, there is really no leader in the absence of Gerrard. Credit to Arsenal, they scored all the three goals, one in their own net and two against Reina, who by all standards has really been awful lately. I realy don’t love writing about referees, they don’t play  in my view, they should be controlling play, and by any standards, the lad Henderson14 needs to improve his tackling big time. I’m not saying what happened to Arteta was intentional but the way he carried himself throughout the whole match leaves a lot to be desired. 
I felt Liverpool never deserved to loose on a whole but on the other hand, a great evening of football especially at the death. Wenger doesn’t need to breathe easy yet, Tottenham are still above Arsenal and Chelsea, God Knows, they are going to fight to the bitter end.
A little bit of AvB might just be what Chelsea is tired of right now. The next few days sure is gonna determine AvB’s reign as Chelsea manager as Chelsea are set to take on Birmingham in an FA Cup replay match and Champions league return match against Napoli. Should he loose both, then why on earth would he remain, Carlo went, Mour went and he’s not better than any, he too should go. Until then, I don’t know whether to say West Brom were just too good or Chelsea are just free falling, but one way or the other, Chelsea need a miracle, and I mean a serious miracle and it better be soon.
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