Arteta missing too, what will happen next? Credit Wigan

For a moment, every  fan never looked at what a Wigan win did to Arsenal hopes of securing Champions League football , you admired the Wigan players and the result they were able to get on Monday night, forget the record Arsenal have at home on Monday nights. But I want you to look at what the Wigan win meant to all those not more than 200 travelling fans.
Means they would drive away from the Emirates, just right behind their team bus, wave and sing their teams praises, a team hardly two weeks ago looked  dead and buried, the gallows of relegation knocking each day and survival was not in anyone’s lips.
But after those two fantastic results, could now fancy their chances. Five points above relegation and not just away from relegation, they are right back in it. Should this team always play with this kind of momentum match in match out, they should probably be sitting in the top half of the table if not just right behind the top ten pack.
But credit to Martinez, he came, believed and conquered. Whether he shaked Wenger’s hand at the end of the match, that I don’t know but one thing for sure I know is that Van Persie let his fans down. Handing a left hand to an opponent is not a kind gesture and even though as the captain of the team he at times felt some decisions went against his team and they deserved to win considering the type of play his team displayed, every team once in a while looses, and who knows, Caldwell might just be his team mate one day. Who knows…….
But once again on the night, Wigan exposed the hole in the Arsenal defence in the absence of Kolscielny and since because Vermelen had to deal with an unfamiliar partner in defence, it was gonna be a long day in the office facing a team that can hold the ball in the box. Some fans are already questioning Szchzney for the second goal, but in my view, the young Polish International couldn’t do anything. The Wigan guys were too fast for the Arsenal defence to clear and even though Vermelen got the gunners going, Walcott, Rvp and Benayoun were frustrated by Al Habsi. Whatever words Al Habsi says in his prayers,,,,,,,,, I also want to use them.
So only if, yes!,,,if only Wigan played like this daily. Sadly though, not every team is Arsenal, not every team looses at home like that and lastly not every team will be missing their normal center back pairing. But credit to Wigan, well won, well fought but next time their time wasting tactics need to improve. Arsenal really is in problem right here, without Arteta, things now look Shaky. Van Persie hasn’t really come to the party of late and with Chelsea visiting this weekend,,,,,,,,,, hope Martin Atkinson is not the man for this,,,,, boy, he’s made several mistakes, (remember Graham Poll?) Not news that Wilshere won’t grace the Euro’s; anyway he wasn’t going to grace it either; and for your info Wenger has said not even #teamGB for the Olympics

                      bad looser right here……Not so good Persie.  courtesy you tube

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