Those who read the article Van Persie’s letter to Arsene Wenger, will know that I promised to look for the reply to Van Persie’s letter to Wenger and even though we took longer than usual to find it, it’s our absolute duty to deliver it to you. Check it out here.
Hello Persie,
Hope you are fine. Things might not seem fine but I have it in my heart that sooner rather than later, all will be well. It might not sound real but in this life, you got to hold on to your hope at times for miracles to happen.
I understand your predicament and your expectations but again just as I have always told you in the dressing room, leaving the club doesn’t guarantee you trophies. Do you want to go the Hleb way? Surely NO!  You can stay with us for a while, keep your captain’s position and have a salary increase, this way Shaqueel and his mother will hang around London for a while and you will be happy as well. This is a great club, a club with a big name and don’t worry, trophies will be coming soon in droves, probably next year, I strongly believe.
I love to see the all the clubs I coach prosper and Arsenal is not an exception. This clearly shows you that I would do anything to improve the quality of the club. If it means signing other players, I would surely do it to bring silverware to this club. But get it from me, not anybody else, forget the guys at the board, the guys you meet on the streets, I just don’t sign, I want to always sign quality. Look at the signings I’ve made recently, don’t you like, Andrei, Ramsey and Diaby among others. About Van Der Vaat, Podolski and Ricky Alvarez, I didn’t refuse to sign them, I felt they couldn’t just get to play the Arsenal way and that’s why I had to drop the interests. On the other hand, Podolski is a proven goal scorer, but when was the last time you saw a German striker grace the Premier League? He feared for his position in the national team and that’s why I let him stay at Koln.
You talked about faith and the fans in your last letter to me, I thought about it and my view on the matter doesn’t change anyway. I believe the fans are still behind me, they still want to see me here for the next ten or twenty years. I believe I still have trophies to bring to the Emirates and you as the captain should join me in this cause. Subbing Ox on the wake of the Manchester defeat might have costed the team but I thought the young man was tired.  Arshavin always injects some spark into the game and I thought this was his time to come and change the game taking into account we were still drawing at the moment, remember Barcelona here at the Emirates last season?
Robin, the decision anyway still belongs to you. You might decide to leave and afford to watch us on T.V lift titles or stay and lead the team lift the titles coming ahead. On the other hand, I heard you say last time, you wanted a statue outside the stadium, this could just happen if you stayed, help us qualify for the Champions league and when you finally hang your boots, get a statue and a job at the technical bench. Son, think about this seriously and not let not the greed of this world drive you out of Emirates glory.
I’m a man of few words, in speech and even in writing. I beg to stop my letter here but just not before I forget you have a family. Say Hi to Shaqueel and her mom, we did enjoy the dinner the other night and look forward to inviting you over during the Summer, we’ll be going to visit the Kenyan Coast just right after the Euro.
Until then, see you at the training ground. 
Good day
Le Prof ,
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