For a young man like me pretty in his early twenties, I really don’t own a lot but if I had to put my property on it, I would go with Manchester United winning the title even though Manchester City would really push them till the final day. Not a very pleasant statement to all you City fans, but one thing for sure I know is that your time will come, yes it will and not just will it, it will come at the right time.
Roberto of late has cut the figure of an anxious manager, a fact that has done little in helping his side’s title ambition. Visibly frustrated at the slightest of slip ups and abundantly overjoyed at the smallest of brilliance, he probably goes to the Emirates later today knowing Arsenal will be no ordinary push overs. The last time he was at the Emirates, Wenger played a much inexperienced side which Mancini doesn’t have to boast about beating one nil, a game City could have thoroughly lost, had the big boys been present.
But away from all that, the Emirates tonight will experience some breath-taking action, never seen before this season, and if you thought you saw it all last week when QPR slayed Arsenal or when mighty Sunderland almost pulled a double on Manchester City, then you are in for a great surprise.
One Thing for sure is that a draw will not be a great result regarding the attacking nature of the two clubs. Mancini and Wenger for the coaches they are, hate ‘boring’ football and would probably do anything to make their sides attack.
From the defence line to the attacking front, these two teams have proven thay can get goals from wherever. So when Mario, Tevez, Aguero and Co are not scoring, then Richards, Kompany and even Yaya alongside his big brother Kolo could still get a goal or two. Likewise on the Arsenal side, the Verminator, Kolsclieny, Gibbs are all able to get goals when it sometimes seems like the flying Dutchman, Theo , Arteta are not scoring. This gives the two teams plenty of options going forward.
But again it should be noted, the manner in which the two teams have gone to concede goals leaves a lot to be desired. Last weekend alone, Joe Hart, England’s number one conceded three while on the opposite end, Schezney conceded two. Tells you that, when properly attacked, the two (best keepers in the EPL in my eyes) could probably leak goals. Further ahead, another interesting stat is that, while Hat has got 13 clean sheets to his name, Schezney has 11 clean sheets to his name, and for every keeper in this business, the number of clean sheets kept is a bonus and source of pride. So tonight could it be the case of either Hart or Schezney doing one better?
Sergio Aguero, the signing of the season so far for Manchester City this season, and also the only Manchester city player alongside David Silva to ever score against Arsenal this season, is set return for Manchester City in this tie after healing from that ‘stupid’ injury according to Mancini.  The City fans will hope and pray, he provides the spark both literally and metaphorically. In November it was his goal that sent Arsenal crashing out of the Carling cup and hopes tonight he can finally lay to rest any lingering Arsenal hopes of silverware by killing them off at their backyard.
On the other hand, all Arsenal fans, no matter where they are would just wish Wenger this weekend gets his team selection right. Ramsey is a brilliant player but if he’s to play, please let him be played at his rightful position. The left has never been his sparkling point on the pitch and the manner at which Arsene likes experimenting with his players even when the season matters is frustrating. The young Ox who also in November caused Man City problems should thus be given the stage tonight. Not wanting to forget the flying Englishman Theo himself, Clichy for sure is going to have a long day in the office. Theo has been so exceptional of late and with the lack of a proper player at City to challenge Clichy for his position, the lad has rather been so comfortable playing around 90% of City matches making the starting 11.
So with Arsene announcing earlier this week that no other Arsenal player will be sold to City, my immediate thoughts go to CASHRI (Nasri) and CLIPOUNDS (Clichy) who should expect nothing but a rude and harsh welcome to the Emirates. Boos and jeers will fill the air every time they catch the ball and if the worst comes to the worst and Frimpong arrives ,,,,,God Forbid ,,,Nasri may have to sit on the bench for the 90. And if the war is further taken to twitter that night;
@Frimpong26AFC ‘’I left Arsenal to go win trophies’’ hahaha maybe the Dubai Cup RT #COYG
@SamNasri19 ‘’Poor atmosphere for a football match, I told you they don’t love their players, I don’t regret anyway. #MCFC’’
Capping off a brilliant night, no matter the score line, Wilshere gets a picture of Nasri being Frimponged down the tunnel, posts it on Twitter and hell NO!!, Balotelli smiling as he walks behind them. The Italian cares no much about City anymore. Wenger and Mancini shakes hands at the end of the game and the referee in his match report, reports not of the incidences down the tunnel, F.A has nothing to write home and worse still, some player says he was racially abused and bad mouthed,,, by who? I don’t know.

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