Come on boys, it is just a game.
So Krul too thinks he can fight the Vantastic Captain, reminds me of a one Joey Barton who felt the African grip on his neck at the start of this season and bemused me a few days later by moving to QPR, where to my amazement he was immediately bestowed captain. Somehow Allan Pardew has in recent time had a good run of results against his opposite number, Wenger, dating back to his West Ham days to currently at Newcastle where he’s not once, but twice denied Wenger victory in the span of just one year.

But the story was not to be repeated on the night. Monday night football has been very fair for Arsenal, the statistics speak for themselves, 1997-2012, Arsenal has never lost or drawn a Monday night fixture. They have actually gone even one better, smashing the record of being the only team to have come from behind in four consecutive EPL matches and won them. 
Tottenham now just a point above Arsenal, Chelsea a massive three and I tend to think the European dream for Newcastle should just be as good as over right there. One thing for sure is that Newcastle has made great strides in their football in recent time. Ashburton Grove was literally feeling the heat, the pressure was too much for the coach and for once I kept thinking, what happens if Arsenal draws or Newcastle just get it at the death?
For Newcastle, they might have felt it was harsh to loose like, a point at least would be a better consolation but again there’s no shame loosing to Arsenal. They’ve been here, they know the business and right now, they are just high flying.
Credit to the referee, he had a pretty decent game, though he sometimes let go of some tackles, he also gave cards when required. How he handled the Persie Krul issue was a beauty. Out of the field of play into the touchline, I don’t want to speculate it. A good night of football, a verminators touch and a dutch love affair gone sour. Last minute goals, one word, they are ‘Krul’.
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  1. Honestly i think v.Persie was pissed off during the game. And the tension grew when krul showed some attitude towards the dutchman. But, a great win for AFC

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