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Ladies and gentlemen, this world of football sometimes mesmerizes me. In my wildest dreams, I always see myself as a number 7 or at times a number 9 but thank heavens I really never made the cut even for my grade one class team leave alone the junior school football team. They (the teachers who thought they were the best coaches in the world) thought my health wouldn’t allow me kick a ball, wish they knew how many goals I scored every night on PlayStation.
Play station or no PlayStation, that’s what I see every time I watch Messi play. I virtualize myself looping the ball over the onrushing Casillas. What am I speaking of? Of cause it’s the Champions League.
On Tuesday night, I watched as a boring Chelsea distinguished a very attack minded Benfica in Portugal. Just like in my fantasies, Di Matteo must be right now in cloud nine. A foot in the Champions league Semi-final and the thought of maybe pulling a Holy Ghost surprise against Barcelona is unthinkable.  But wait, the second leg beckons. Good and formidable teams have caused Chelsea upsets at their own backyard and a better Benfica side, one that can kill off the game really well should see off Chelsea in style. My main worry for now, is can they defend set pieces and can their keeper pull a man of the match performance in London? Those are just some of the few questions on all Portuguese minds right now. Asking a question or two on how to beat Chelsea from Jose or Andre won’t be an offence, the only offence for Jesus (no reference to the Messiah, son of God) will be not using his 90 minutes well on the return leg.
Thumbs up to all those travelling fans, they lit up the place with the singing and though the night wasn’t a typical vintage Chelsea night, that one goal is a big result for them and not just them but for one man,,,Di Matteo. On that flight back home, I’m tempted to think, he might just be exchanging texts with his boss and his predecessor. What he’s telling them I really don’t seem to understand but a typical guess from me would be this;
Abramovich:  Brilliant, did you see that 50 million dollar assist? Some people thought I was mad. Who’s laughing now?
Di Matteo:  Yeah !! yeah!! Boss, I also saw it, genius
And then to the AvB, Di Matteo text, talking about the inter job vacancy
Di Matteo: Hehe Wassup, what did Inter say? Has Moratti confirmed the job? Can’t wait to see you back soon.
AvB : Nope, told me to hang around Milan, gives it to Andrea and texts me Sorry. F***d up Italian.!!! No different from Roman, just different nationalities.
Have a football filled day everybody…..
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