After Germany where do we then go?

Until Wednesday I was the biggest Euro fan around. Everything seemed to be going as planned and without any doubt, I knew Germany were gonna win this championship. Now, I’m humbly not watching the games anymore, Gomez is not gonna be top scorer and Lahm will definitely not lift the title over his head. I can’t swallow the bitter fact that Casillas and Spain might just be lifting another title right before my very eyes. I can’t help but feel for the German Bayern contingent, it’s been a slap in the face. Not once, not twice but just overrally, German football has suffered. OK, let me say, good football has suffered.
So the curse that befell me since I started this blog goes on. First was Zambia, then came Chelsea (God forbid) then as it now looks, Italy might just win this tournament registering three wins in total yet Germany have four but not title to show for it. On one hand, I’m tempted to put my bet on Spain but on the other hand, the gods of Zambia coupled with the Chelsea’s lady luck is always pointing to the blue jersey. 
So then what am I to say of this year? What am I to smile about? Melancholy has been my portion since January, for how long shall i sit back and watch ‘my teams’ loose? I’m not blaming anyone so far though, maybe it’s just what I believe in that lets me down often than not. 
So then how way will I go? Or rather what way shall ‘we’ go?
Spain bid to complete a whole treble of trophies. I fell for Italy though at the same time I’m jealous; Del Bosque has had immense talent at his disposal Italy might find tough to deal with.
Puyol and Villa (both scorers at the 2010 world cup) have had to miss this tournament. Torres’ inconsistency over the last 18 months or so has done this talented team so much injustice that I sometimes wished it was Torres who got injured over Villa (that way, even that Torres goal over Barcelona could have never existed)
I don’t want to believe reports Fabregas may start on the bench again, he’s a big man in such games and even though Iniesta, Xavi and Villa would just fit well behind Torres, my heart still longs for a pass like the one in South Africa that condemned the Dutch contingent only that this time round, I need it in the first half. Sadly though, Germany or the Dutch must have to watch this from Berlin and Amsterdam respectively.
Penalties are not fair, I repeat. Buffon seems to have something in his gloves, probably a pig’s bone (my kindergarten friends made me believe so), Casillas doesn’t want to face another Bernabou disaster I presume. (Del Bosque doesn’t kneel at the touchline, i think)
Let me admit; never in my wildest of imaginations did I ever see this coming. Don’t blame it on me, Trezeguet is to blame. Until 2006, I had the craziest of feelings whenever I saw France take to the pitch. I knew any day they would shred even the best of the best and win titles especially after Brazil suffered in 98’. So on that fateful day, my football life changed. I came to hate penalties and worse to it, Materazzi became my biggest enemy. Fast forward, Euro’s 2012. My ‘god’ Ashley Cole – the only man I ever believed was not gonna waste his penalty, brought down to earth by Buffon; Heavens knows, my friends were right. This name Ashley – will frustrate you to death.
And that’s the same way I felt when the mighty ‘German machine’ had to bow out. Credit to Italy and Balotelli. They executed their play perfectly and even if you don’t love Italy, you got to love their confidence, composure at the back and tactical discipline. 
Special mention – Andre Pirlo; this guy, just like wine, gets better with age. How many players in this planet get to his level right now? I thought Ozil could but he just showed flashes. Should Italy go on and win this, one thing that would stand out apart from Super Mario must for sure be Pirlo. 
Earlier in the group stages though, a draw was a fair result but as things stand tonight, a draw is never an option; you either win/win. 
So then just if you never knew, Di Natale’s strike in the 61stminute of Spain vs Italy match so far remains the only goal Spain have conceded in the entire tournament.  Though I’m not an Italian fan, Marchisio did his team great disservice in the semis and should try to prove himself in the final. 
I think….
Spain retain the ball too much, stretch the defense to the greatest of levels and what a better match would you have expected against the ‘best’ attackers and ‘best’ defenders. Best goalkeeper against the best goalkeeper. Best striker (Mario) vs ‘best strikers’, midfielder vs midfielders…. Eeer,,, I’m getting confused now.
My appetite has reached an all time high. I’m diabetic so I stop – grab a cup of coffee, brown bread and take a look at the promo.
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Prediction SPAIN 1 ITALY 0

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