AFC Leopards; The disjointed venture

Patience has been a theme that seems to run across the Footballing board in this country all this week. AFC Leopards being the main subject and to this effect, guest Blogger Zax Oguda takes on the management at the Den. He’s got some kind words for Muyoti, not sure if he’s happy for Nandwa- but at the end of the day- you got to listen to his advice for INGWE. Enjoy

The den has stunned us yet again. This time with their view that James Nandwa is the best man to replace Luc Eymael with less than ten matches to go.

As an ardent TPL follower I am baffled. While all the talk seemed to be pointing towards Luc ‘unconvincing results’, I had a feeling that the club top brass might have stuck with Nicholas Muyoti and not made any decisions until they got all the prospects in.

Nandwa leading Ingwe as from next season was something reasonable. We’ve known him for many years and he has what it takes to do a good job, but not now- was it necessary?


What I want to know is how Kasavuli and his able team came up with such a daring action. I want to know too if he listened to Eymael’s view on club development and interference from some board members before they shown the door. Were the board members looking for a YES man? Most of the decision makers at the den have never kicked a ball and now they are there sitting and choosing the next manager- Fantastic.

What really pricked my nose was that a manager like Nandwa comes out and says he is delighted to have taken the job. What does the statement portray, ‘ I am going to do your favour’. A stance that separates him from his predecessor ways of ‘super manager, super ME’. When something is bad it got to be bad and as a manager you have to speak about it, a trait that you will rarely find in our local tacticians, I would boldly conclude- Nandwa included.

I was pleased when Kasavuli and co took over the den, promising lots of good stuff. The future looked bright if his first speech as the chairman is to be taken into account but inviting politicians in the board lost it all.


                                                            (All gone now- Image Via Goal)


To me there are two levels in Ingwe football. One is the board and the politicians and their egos, then there is the common person who has let these people make decisions on their behalf. I am not surprised that AFC Leopards have not won anything in recent years, must be a case of the blind leading the blind. Magelo came and went, Kasavuli is here and will probably go but the political trend wont evade Ingwe until ‘football minded’ people are allowed to control the game at the Den.

More puzzling to me about being a football manager is that it’s the only profession where you get the sack then get a better job. Just tell your potential new chairman that you were a failure at your last stint on club management and at the end of your interview wait for the news that you are just the man to lead the club forward.

How many puzzles were those I said up there? Are AFC Leopards walking the failed path again? Have the politicians decided now to take the club to the low levels it was before the ‘grand revival’? Put your house in order dear Leopards- at this rate, even the Leopards will soon be quitting.

Have a patient weekend, won’t you?


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