A Kenyan Football lamentation- The future is mad at us

When Kenya’s Paul Were hit the side netting with almost his first touch after going round the Lesotho left back, Kenya had already lost the two-legged tie, a coach and the goodwill of the whole nation. It didn’t have to take long after that; The Harambee Stars lost the whole Technical bench- everything was in disarray.

Even those who’d been hiding their heads under the sand and the propaganda gimmick of ‘Kenyan Football is growing’ certainly had to notice this.

When the full time whistle blew, and a member of the Lesotho technical bench broke into a dance having successfully beaten Kenya to a group stage Qualifying Stage spot- Social Media rose in unison. From a trending topic that lazily lay between 8 and 10, number 1 was suddenly its spot for over five hours continuously- not that the loss was so good, Kenya had just hit a new all-time low.

Sometimes it’s hard to react; sometimes you are pressured. You can’t blame those fans who bayed for some blood- the fans wanted it left on the pitch (in)voluntarily by the players during the 180, now they demanded it.

But what’s the pain of losing without acknowledging failure and focusing on the future? A future than isn’t just dark, but also endless?

That’s the situation Kenyan Football finds itself in right now; a generation cursed to the core by its past and now set to be readily received into non-existence by an unforgiving future.

What shall the future say about us?

While we had a chance to build proper structures for our football, we bottled it. With our positions, we threw out those we viewed as impediments to our wasteful ways and embraced those who would drool in the silence of mischief.

With the whole world ahead of us and better pool of coaches available, the cheapest was chosen over the fairest, and the businessman got precedence over the hard worker.

Shall we explain to the future how good our friends and clients were that they got to make the first XI at the expense of better players?

The future is a footballer legion born and bred in a smaller world of technology- a generation that has recorded and facts all laid bare on his table and one that is unforgiving. One that doesn’t have to hold grudges, but will have to point a finger at our grave misgivings.

The future (in silence) watches us with a sneering face, an un-relentless smile of anger, a domineering attitude of disgust.

Found chances, lost chances. Just how horrible can/could our footballing generation get?

Signed- Lamentations of an annoyed fan!

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