7 storylines to follow as the 2013 KPL season resumes

Uncertainty, broken dreams, emotional rollercoasters, flops, absolute madness/joy, serious escapes, unfortunate relegations are just a few of those things that spice up a season. The 1st leg of the 2013 Kenya Premier League was just the beginning of a script yet to be completed.
]With only a few hours to the kick-off of the 2ndleg of the 2013 Kenya Premier League- so much is yet to be seen. At superfoota.com we just like you are never sure of what the future holds but in this league, two things for sure is going to happen- the expected and the unexpected. 
So just to give you a brief preview into the second leg we all eagerly await- here are seven storylines that should keep you salivating for more even before a ball is kicked.
The title Chase, Mid-Season Signings, The Choke, The Victory
For the last three seasons or so- the Kenya premier league has had some of the most interesting endings. Rivalries created, dreams gone up in flames and winners awarded in equal measure.
A quick look at the mid-season signings, it’s hard to know who is expected to make an immediate impact as the transfer season has been a little quiet in my view and can’t be compared to the last season when names like Sserenkuma hit everyone’s lips.
While we might take note of Murunga moving back to Tusker- lots of questions will be raised- what has changed in the span of 6 months or so?
For AFC Leopards, the re-building continues but you still have a feeling, they are signings just meant to save this season, maybe book a top 8 finish and plan further for next season.
For Thika United, I would never question their title credentials this season, they seem to have come back bigger and better- hoping they sign one more striker and maintain the tempo- the question will be, will they chock, will they win.
I don’t intend to write off Bandari, KCB, Ulinzi Stars, Sofapaka- their inclusion in this race just adds the excitement to an already brewing concoction of non-stop football to wind down the season. It’s no doubt now the title will be won by one of these sides mentioned above but the idea of all of them choking up and letting the rest overtake them will be a victory in itself.
The Individual Expectations
In every match there are expectations, in every soul there are expectations and in every season- there are expectations weighed down on a player or coach.
This season aint any different- with a stellar first leg of the season for some, it’s only expected the second leg can be better. For the ones who had a poor first leg, the break must have been a good chance for them to refresh and hope this leg can only come with greatness in itself.
I’m no fan of any poor performance myself but it’s only proper to note, a few names fans have expected over time to perform for club haven’t lived up to the hype like expected. A few clubs might have done away with some of these players but it’s kind to note- others have stuck to their guns in the face of adversity.
The question now is- will the perceived poor performers rise to the occasion or will they slump to the lowest of standards. For those who performed well during the first leg, will it be time they got better, or will the first leg fire be extinguished by a tiresome second leg?
Club Politics
Another year, another electioneering period, while this may not apply to most clubs, it’s only fair to note how much a clubs politics affects performance.
The two biggest clubs will all be going into elections at a certain point before the close of the year and so much is at stake as far as the development of the two are concerned.
For AFC Leopards, campaigns seem to be in high gear and while the Gor Mahia election seems to be months away- the political atmosphere at the club is quickly taking shape.
Results might not be instant but at the end of the day- all teams going into elections should acknowledge the fact that, whoever they elect determines the destiny of their club and each choice ha consequences.
I rarely speak on this matter but so much has improved in the Kenyan game because of TV and the money it brings. Don’t try dragging me into the controversy that has dogged a club and the Kenya Premier League over media issues- the main agenda should be on the whole league.
While a few years ago it would be hard to watch your favourite KPL stars do their stuff- it’s now simple- LIVE TV has made all this possible. With Supersport 9 East being able to bring to your living rooms, top quality Kenyan football it’s now even a better time to acknowledge a new channel Supersport Select 2 which joins the family of LIVE Kenyan football.
Supersport Select 2 can now also be viewed on GOtv (GOtv Plus Bouquet) at a small fee of KSH 5899 which includes a decoder, Gotenna(outdoor) and three months free subscription. With GOtv now covering Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu – it’s now only time before the whole country will be experiencing this new excitement that has taken over town.
With this then, it shouldn’t be long- LIVE feed of every match should be soon available on your TV set.
The Musical Chairs
It may be too early to predict this but you can be all be sure- someone is going home before the second leg ends.
In this game the results matter that much and every three points is worth the fight- in this case then a few changes here and there just in a quest to get the best combination will be plotted by club owners, chairmen, administrations etc.
Who will go first then? Who will be snapped up even before the 2013 season ends? Who will have no place by the end of the season?
Boardroom Litmus Tests
Depending on which side of this argument one support- it’s always going to brew battle on the pitch, off the pitch and cause both harm and glee whenever a decision is made.
The Kenya Premier League, the body that manages the league might have had a fairly good first leg to the season; everything going as planned but with lots going around especially during this part of the league, the greatest 2013 Litmus test is just around the corner.
We will all agree, the officiating levels during the first leg were way below satisfactory. The fans, the coaches and even players sometimes expressed extreme displeasure at some decisions – the league management did act on some but most of them seem to have been swept under the carpet.
While the referees are rarely punished for making some poor decisions, the players and clubs get the full thrust of the law- something I would call selective justice.
Fan trouble, contract breaches, fixture congestion, sheer favouritism just to mention a few have been some of the issues highlighted season in, season out. While we must all appreciate at times the League management has provided a clear lead in these instances- it’s a shame at times a few issues are not handled properly.
The second leg is no different this time round, are KPL going to stand their ground on some matters or stutter on their decisions?
The relegation war, the Lucky, the Unlucky
Some might feel this would have come a little bit early but this is the fact- some teams will have to go down at the end of the day.
I feel so sad when some teams that play beautiful football have to go down at the expense of some cocky less football-more guesswork  sides but just as it’s said; the points matter and the table never lies.
Who do you think will go down, who’ll stay up?
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