Would Bandari be setting itself up for glorious failure and why 2016 might surprise us all

Towards the end of the year, the websphere was littered with congratulatory messages aimed at Bandari FC for managing to qualify for the CAF Confederations Cup. Now- in the new year, Bandari FC are seeking to live up to the cause, with new signings their KPL peers, those they have shared the bottom with in the near past as close as 2014 and those they have displaced at the top in 2015 would only envy.

Bandari FC have in the past been viewed as perennial underachievers, with back to back relegation battles and a steadier stay now in the league being a reminder of how far they have come over the past three years. While there still lingers doubt of their assured stay on the long term: the little gains seem to be piling up to something special.

Bnadari FC (Image credits niaje.com)

Bnadari FC (Image credits niaje.com)

If finishing fourth in the 2015 season wasn’t anything special, a firm start to the season and a CAFCC second round entry would be the perfect catalyst to even a better season: its hard however to predict this.

Coach Twahir would want to point at his past exploits at Oserian and Utalii as reason enough as to why Bandari cannot be an exception for the 2nd round draw. While every Bandari player is not fortunate enough to share the same experience as that of their coach, hope is pegged on the combined vision for a second round place overriding the fears.

The amazing truth however turns out to be an unfortunate reminder of the recruitment policy of football clubs in Kenya especially when a serious CAF competition/Promotion to the league arrives. Quick fixes here and there rather than solid faith in players who managed to get them there. It elevates the ‘new’ players to demi god stature at the expense of the donkey legs that fought for it.

While it works to an extent, its clearly not sustainable. When it fails from the onset, it leaves a rotten egg in the face of the management. This remains the forte at an impending failure which in blanket assessment looks glorious as two wins would guarantee a round two progress. But first, that’s just IF- IF Bandari FC get the two wins.

New Year

2015 surprised us all, no one could even dare write a script of it. 2016 might even surprise us more, wanting to take account the uncertainty that clouds the start of the year.

If it’s not a new FKF president, then a back to back unbeaten season for Gor Mahia or even Ushuru FC finally sacking their longest serving football coach. All these will surprise you, right.

While all this rides on the uncertain nature of football, Ken Kenyatta can twist the arm of uncertainty and win the first 16 matches of the season and cling onto his job, however I would be amazed if he stuck for another full season.

FKF delegates can surprise us with a lower level of normalcy and elect a new President, the general mood of football now dictates so. These people however have unreadable moods and desires, they punctuate one long soap opera that doesn’t seem to end, its one to watch out for.

I had to have this at the tail end just for laughs. What if Gor Mahia won the league unbeaten again? Would the rest of the teams be just plain average or would Gor Mahia be flying miles above the rest? The difference now looks to be the same, no one seems to even try and challenge them with any additions or change…come on someone, surprise us.

Happy New Year everyone :-) :-)