10 : A Review Of AFCON 2013

The pomp, colour and fanfare at the AFCON 2013 Opening Ceremony before all the dust settled.
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A few weeks ago, the lights were turned off and the curtains drawn on what was yet another African football continental showpiece. 

The African Cup of Nations of 2013, hosted by South Africa, excited and despaired in equal measure. From the first whistle to the last, the first goal to the winning one, the tough tackles, sublime and not so sublime passes; with every dribble, turn, cross and shot; every shimmy and nutmeg; every foul, booking and suspension; the tournament showcased African football at its best, and sometimes, unfortunately, its worst. Mixed with the enthralling fans who provided a good atmosphere and feel, AFCON 2013 was as worthy a tournament as its previous editions. It made for a thrilling spectacle, whether witnessed live in the stadiums themselves, or broadcast to television sets in homes and bars across the world, or streamed online. 

As with every tournament, there were lessons learnt and observations made and noted. As such, we have asked fellow football loving bloggers and Kenyans on Twitter to give us their views on AFCON’s 29th edition. 

Kindly, they did, and humbly, we now present to you those views. By far nowhere near conclusive in nature, the ten views presented here are but a small sample of the enormous amount of views that can be gunnered from AFCON 2013. 

We do not expect you to agree with everything;  as such, if the views conjure up debate, then we will have accomplished our mission. Football is, has never been, and will never be a perfect science. Opinions will vary and views will be as wide as the Pacific; we only hope that any subsequent debate from these views will be conducted in a pacific and sober, sound minded manner. 

Feel free to post in the comments section. We would very much like to hear from you and any feedback will be appreciated. We also recognise that where our limit was ten, views on AFCON 2013 are endless. As such, those views will be highly welcome and if possible, we may revise our list to include worthy absentees. 

Thus, without much further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Football Lovers and (sadly) Non-Football Lovers, we present to you ; 

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10 : A Review of AFCON 2013
Left Out : Big Names and Even Bigger Egos – by Joyce Mukami 

Burkina Faso : The People’s Champion – by Mercy Njueh 

North African Football Needs An Arab Spring – by Mike Njoroge 

Beautiful Stadia, Ugly Pitches – by Myra Maheli 

The Whistle Has Been Blown Incorrectly – by Michael Kirwa 


No Continent for Big Guns – by Fridah Kariuki
Lesson for Kenya : Invest in Local Coaches – by JeffKinyanjui
Ivory Coast is the Oranje of Africa – by Joyce Mukami
United We Stand – by John Aggrey
AFCON is Losing the Popularity Battle – by Mike Njoroge

John Aggrey of Superfoota 

Mike Njoroge of Football Triangle 

Jeff Kinyanjui of KPL Chat 

Michael Kirwa of 89:59 Football 

Joyce Mukami of Football Sunday and Football Hooligan 

Fridah Kariuki of Feline Gunner 

MercyNjueh[ Shout out to all those who deciphered that the ‘period followed by nine hyphens’ shown just before the introduction starts, is actually not madness on our part, but Morse Code for the number ten]

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